4 Free Blogging Platforms that are Awesome 2016

You may have started blogging on any of this platforms, there are more platform out there but I really think, this platforms are awesome!

Why are the awesome you may ask? Well for some of these reason, they are very awesome! Let’s get started with the most popular platforms

Blogger is a blogging platform like none other, it is very easy to set and maintained, it takes only but some few steps  and little time the moment you have a registered gmail mail account, it is very easy to say you have a blog already.

With blogger you have a secure platform, so you don’t have to worry whether or not you data are secure.

This means that google will be responsible to manage, take good care of you content, creating backups for your niche.

The blogger platform is very easy to set,  and to add gadgets, this is what makes the platform awesome !!

Blogger is the best beginning platform of for beginners,  it is the place you can start, continue and then when you are established and have a good page views, then you can now host your blog on one of the hosting companies and get more plugins that will make your blog look nice.
Therefore it is easy to note that the blogger platform is outdated, and they have not made  any new developments to their their  platform so far.

Blogger is still a good platform for blogging if you wish to start a blog it is best recommended for beginners. 

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how do professional bloggers brand and market their blog?

This is another blogging platform that has being promising over the years. Many people are moving from blogger to wordpress due to blogger limited plugins.
WordPress provide you with many, so many plugins and social media plugins that makes  life and works of people who would want to turn their passions into money easy and fun.

Unlike blogger, wordpress has variety of plugins, and is user friendly. Maybe with time blogger will become outdated and scraped.
With wordpress, unlike blogger you decide how long you want your blog to run, and what information, resources you share with any third party out there.

With wordpress you can easily add new more comfortable features, these features makes you blog looks cooler and more presentable, thus you can modify the colours and layouts of wordpress platform.

New themes and better options, varying from a single theme to about 100 themes where you have too many options to decide on.

While Blogger and WordPress are going head-on while users are trying to decide which will they use, comes the undertaker, Tumblr  and started having many signs ups.

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The site was founded by David karp in 2007 and ever since, it has  millions of signs ups.

At the time of making this post, it is estimated about 280.4 millions blogs on tumblr.
Tumblr is very easy to use and mange. 

Just visit them and create a blog and has features that made it better and lovely to use.

On tumblr, there are different guides on how to make the blog fine and sweet. Tumblr is just too good for new people that will need to work on tumblr.

This blogging platform has a  very simple interface, well writing and coding mistakes can be easily corrected unlike the platform of blogger.

Once this is done, you will need a hosting company to host the blog for you, that’s just the down side to using Ghost

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