5 Steps to Proper Planning of blog post

Blogging is fun, if you know the technical how. you need to have a good and convincing idea of what you want to blog about.

This boils down to passion in writing about your personal experience, your passion to helping individuals achieve their goals, find what he/she is looking for, to give answers 
to the persons’  pressing needs, group of people or organization.

      1. Deciding a blog topic

Now that you have decided to blog, you have met the first criteria for blogging. The next thing on your agenda,  should be what do you want to blog about?

There are thousands of niche topics out there, if you really want to blog, then you need to know what to blog about.

What is your passion? Are you passionate about medicine, fashion, tech etc.? Knowing the niche topic is the next step.

Don’t be afraid; don’t be tired, confused and frustrated about what you want to blog about.

The reason is because; you have a passion, and a passion about a topic is all you need. Out of the blue you can write a good piece from it.

Pick a pencil and a notepad and outline the ideas you have at that moment.

By doing that, you will have about 20 ideas that are not there in the first place, that’s’ because you have a passion, more ideas will just follow in.
2. What  excites, intrigues, stir, keeps your readers comings back to your niche

The passion is there, then the rest comes easily, permit me to say “they will just flow in on auto-pilot mode

 if your blog is all about fashion, then

What is the latest style in town?

What are the latest styles worn by celebrities on red carpet.

What are the latest fashion dresses on the fashion show in Paris, London, New York etc

This help you Niche to get more pages views and people keep coming back since you offer what excites them, intrigues and stir them up, they will keep coming for more!!

3. Am I reaching the needs of my readers

The moment a niche reader comes to your site, the first thing on his mind is what do you have to offer to him?

Is the information on your site what he/she needs?

Is the niche giving him solution/clarity /enlightment, pointing him on the right direction?

This are the main questions on the mind of your niche reader, thus if you can offer the reader with the solution to his need, this will keep him coming back day after day, because you have a thing or two to offer.

4.   What your readers likes, love, need that you can provide

Now that you have made it possible for your readers to keep coming back to your site, this means the right information he loves, needs and likes, which answers to his curiosity are found on your site.

If your niche can provide such information’s, you will definitely get your audience coming back for more, and then sharing your site to other readers.
5.  Writing a masterpiece is the first step.

You have interest in blogging, you have known how to start a blog, you know also the 4 Free Awesome blogging platform,  then the next phase of action is writing a good and important masterpiece that will captivates your niche reader.

Making your first post here also maters, you need to write a convincing masterpiece, a piece that will entice your audience.

In writing your masterpiece don’t goo copying other peoples post and pasting them on your blog.

That’s very wrong and you will definitely be penalized for it in time if not immediately. So desist  from doing such.

In your masterpiece, the general idea here is to satisfy your reader, if you can satisfy him, he we definitely come back for more or refer a friend and also share you post over the internet on facebook, twitter etc.

The blog post will have to have some of the following

Ø  Your post should try to be in good grammer

Ø  It should be in simple and understandable English language for better understanding.

Ø  Check typos errors, foul language, and words that may be offensive to whosoever will be reading your post

Ø  Present the post in a way everything is following together, taking the reader from one step to another without breaking his interest in reading your post.

With all this methods well followed and well planned, in no time will your niche starts getting rankings on Search Engines, social media and forums.

The bottom line is, what is the need for a good, well writing, well organized content online without readers who will appreciate your effort, time spend and energy expanded?

The essence is to get readers to appreciate your effort in doing what you know best.

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