Are  you willing to make money online by simple writing good articles, if your answer is yes, then you are in the right place and at the right time.

It should be noted that at the time of this post, the Nigerian economy is under recession AKA BUHARAI

Then maybe you should think of blogging for a change. President Mohammadu  Buhari regime has change the economy, from a booming economy, to an economy in recession.
All hope for you is not lost. I have being there, done that and now am telling you, there is still hope

Have you considered blogging for a change, a platform where you can write what know best and get paid for it?

Who is a blogger?

It is important before we go talking about what a blog is, we need to know how the word blog came to be.

Blog is a platform where one can write articles, journals and other things that he/ she has passion for, then after all said, a blogger is that individual who blogs, how to start blogging is very easy.

Therefore a blogger is the persons that write articles, journals, and other stuffs that matters to himself or an organization when he/she is hired to do so.

So, Simple blogging and getting paid by the individual or organization that hired you to write an article for them on s specified topic.

This means you can blog for your passion and can also be paid by an individual or an organization to blog for specific topics or products.

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