How to Encourage blog post shares

As a blogger, it is very important that you post get shared on social media and other platforms so that people can read, share and make comments on the post.

But first what makes people want to share with their friends and family members what you have posted on your blog? The answer is very simple, follow me as  take you down to the importance of post share
It is important to note that, the beauty of blog is its’ content. The content on your blog determines whether or not, it would be shared by your blog readers.
Encouraging shares on social media 
For an individual with a blog, it is very important that whenever you write down a good piece of post, such a should be able to reach to the need of your blog readers, in simple terms;
 help them solve their current problem at hand, get more enlighten about their need and how to solve it, or point them in the right direction 
Whenever you make a post and it answers to the needs of your blog readers, the reader would want more people to know, to learn and to get enlighten, thus share your post on social media. By so doing he/she is promoting you site.
What makes your blog post to be shared on social media?
There are number of reason that may lead to sharing your blog post on social media and other platforms this include 

1.     The article answers to the need of the person. 

2.    The article is very entertaining, thus other should  also be entertained. 

3.    The article may answers also to the need of someone within the family, friends or some total stranger whose in need.

What you gain by sharing an article from a site.
The individual that have read your blog post and find it appealing or so to say, can gain a lot when he/she shares your post in the following ways; 

1.     He will help someone to solve his current problem. 

2.    He will help someone find clues to solving his problem. 

3.    He may help someone find some sense of closure to his search. 

4.    By sharing the post, you may point the person in the right direction.

These are the service that you can provide when you read a post online and share it on social media like facebook, twitter or in forums.
How to encourage post sharing among niche reader
It is not rocket science for your blog post to be shared on social media and other platforms. It is very easy, when you know the simple steps to planning and to sharing your blog post on social media.
The main factor here is knowing your audience, their needs, their age range and what answers to their need at that age, time and moment.
When your blog post answer to your audiences it is as simple as saying you already have lots and lots of shares on social media and other platforms.
So why not sit back and write a post that will encourage the sharing of your blog post on social media platforms.
   Motivating sharing your blog post 

    Now that you have know how to start a blog, then making your post and  posting it on your site becomes a things of quality not quantity. The audience will be motivated to share because; 
     1.     You gave them what they are looking for, therefore i will be easy to share it on               social media

2.    Ask them to share your post; it will also be possible to ask them to share, because        you have giving them what they desires.

With these two things in mind, it is safe to say that you will have shares and comments both on facebook and twitter coming from people that have read and appreciate your blog post.
Thus, if you find this post useful leave a comment for me in the comment section.
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