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5 Blogging Mistakes Every Newbie in Blogging Need to Stop

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Blogging mistake is very common to most newbies in the industry. Blogging itself is fun, and starting a blog is very easy. To start a blog all you need is to know how to start a blog. Even though starting a blog is easy, this involves patience and a little time investment to get a desirable output.

We are going to be discussing some simple blogging mistakes as a blogger you need not do. This is a warning because as more writers pick up their pen to writes articles on the same topic with you, the internet becomes saturated with many articles and blogs on the same niche. Thus you need to be a good domain authority to compete with them

These bring about competitions to bloggers, to deliver good content on blogging tips, so as a blogger; there are numerous mistakes you should not be making. Outlining them in the following ways

5 blogging mistakes every newbie in blogging need to stop

Blogging mistakes in Niche picking

One of the mistakes I made first as a blogger was not picking a niche and it cost me time and resources.It is a newbie mistake which I will advise anyone out there that have the intention of starting a blog, should not be making the same mistake as I have. For with out a niche, you are but wasting your energy and resources online. Pick a niche.

First I will urge you to sit back and think hard on what you as an individual can blog on. Go through blogs on the internet, there are thousands if not millions. There are both professional and non-professional blog. Find the one you are in tone with for better understanding.Look closely and decide a niche, that’s deciding your passion, don’t rush into blogging, but be professional about the blog.

Having known your passion, stay focused on your passion and start making quality, well structured, equipped blog post that will drive tons of traffic to your blog. Blog traffic is better than just pages views, it runs more than that

Go back to the drawing board, old school method, a paper and pencil, and draft,

The drawing board blogging mistake 

What am I interested to write about?Pick various topics on what you can write on, Look closely to the one you know you can write quality articles on, what are the competitions levels and traffic level if you can find out. Will this topic chosen by me, be profitable when writing an article and driving traffic?

The ultimate goal of blogger is not the number of articles they have on their site, but a topic he enjoys to write on, a topic he is creative in writing, meeting the needs and desires of his audience, the amount of traffic, relevance of the blog post. These and more are what you should be aiming at when picking a blog topic. So pick a topic you can write on, not a topic after few blog post you are out of ideas.

Copy pasting of content as a newbie blogging mistake

As a blogger, originality matters a lot. Don’t go around the internet copying contents from blogs and posting them on your blog. Copy pasting is a serious offense. Newbies sometimes found themselves in these blogging mistake, it should be avoided.

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It is important for you to sit down and write a qualitative blog post, lovely and well-presented article for your blog. A post that will captivate the attentions of your audience. Headlines that are eye catchy, as do the length and quality of content. Be focus in giving the audience a well-researched content full of details. Remember Rome is not built in a day, it takes time and energy to build a professional blog that stands out.

Eventually, when you become an authority, people and the search engine will swim to your content. Commenting on articles that are well writing, though you guys are in the same niche can help you get tips on how to become better. Comment on other peoples works after reading their blog post, this will also encourage blog post shares. Appreciate a hard work that answers even to you who is also writing on something similar, not copy paste.

Time investment as blogging mistake 

As a blogger,

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There is a need for time investment, don’t be lazy, don’t be selfish and want to make it overnight. What real-blogger do, they study and bring out the best, they deliver, they give new information about products & services to their audience, they keep their audience entertain.

These and more make blogging interesting and fun, investing time helps in avoiding blogging mistake. So how can you keep your audience entertain when you don’t study, when you cannot deliver when you are too lazy to write an interesting blog post. Without studying, you can’t deliver and also let them know about new innovations for blogging success.

 No valuable freebies on your blog 

You have invested time in your blog, over the years and have build up traffic, but you have no freebies, no ebook or another service. You don’t even have time to read your blog comments. Who does that?  He who does that has failed as a blogger. So it will seem that you have a house but you don’t know the needs of your own house. That’s awful and completely wrong. Partake in the commenting section of your blog. By reading the comment and adding value to your audience.

Take time to read your comments, give away freebies, even if the freebies cost you. This simple gestures will help your readers to want to get acquainted with you and want to follow subscribes to your blog.

Taking long to post content on your blog

As a blogger, posting regularly is important, no shortcut to this. If you are not posting on your blog regularly, there is a chance that your blog readers have to forget about you.

Unfortunately, there is no specification of when to post on your blog. The fact is, taking too long to post maybe a setback to your business and this will lead to losing your blog subscribers.

While you become regular in posting on your blog, you also need to keep in touch with your readers. Answer them, read their comments and appreciate them by simple thanks, or by adding value to their life. Regular updating of your blog can also increase your blog traffic. Updating has its way of making your blog revisited by customers and visitors alike.


The above steps will help you to avoid blogging mistake as a blogger, but there is more to be done. Taking each step more seriously and keeping in mind with the new trend of doing things. In no time will your blog starts having rankings in search engines.


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