Beginner’s guides on blogging

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Often you may ask yourself, what should your blog about? What it takes to be a successful blogger.
When you are being confronted with questions like this, you may want to rethink. Your attitudes and the ever tiring issues on having sit back on your computer and write page after page, finally no result.

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Am here to assure you, there are simple ways for you to get this over with, in the following steps.
What are the chances that you know right now what you want to blog about?

If you do, then it is very easy, but if you don’t, why not take your time and see how to start a blog, whatplatform you should consider when blogging.
Now you know what to do, what is your passion in blogging? Blogging is all about passion, fortunately there are gurus out there that will tell you to blog about certain keywords, if you want to blog, let your passion about blog guides and direct you.
If you are not expert in blogging is not a problem, but if you have passion for blogging, then I think you are an expert already.
Naming your blog 
Naming your blog should not be a rocket science to you, it should be something simple, something you can remember, and your blog visitors can easily remember and not forget. Give them a good user experiences on first time bases.
Don’t go naming your blog after other blogs, think of a simple name that can fit your blog description that will do the trick.
Choosing a blogging platform for yourself 
I will admit that this step is a little ticklish for bloggers. Why? You will have to decide for yourself what platform to blog with.  I will advise you start with blogger platform, later you can now go to wordpress.org. 
This is because with wordpress, you can have lot and lots of plugins, styles, themes and social media plugins that will make your blog look better and more professional
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