Best website analytics tools ever !

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You owned a blog or websites, getting data is made easy with analytics tools in place.
There are tools out there that can help you to understand how visitors find or locate your business online. These analytics tools help you to understand how your visitors get to come to your blog, and how long they stayed. User experience is very important for your site. These tools may help you find what you are looking for on your blog or web site.
This  fermium tool of analytics can help you to analyze blog or site traffic. With google analytics, you get to know the keywords, that drives your traffic, the pages that get most of your site traffic and from which part of the world is this traffic coming from.
                What is Google Analytics 

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This tools can generate reports about the OS being used by visitors when they visit your blog. The  country the visitorhails from, is the visitor using a desktop computer or a mobile phone? This and more are the data you drive from using google analytics.
With this tool, analytics is made very easy unlike google analytics that at some point you will have to learn how to use it.
With spring metrics, there is a monthly cost unlike google analytics, standard plan is $49/month with spring metrics. It has also a trial period of 14days when you first sign up with them, so make the best of it before the 14 days runs out.
Spring metrics gives you the top converting keywords, real-time visitors and more. These tools are just the bomb for beginners to understand what he/she need in analytics.
This tool cannot be overemphaisised or stressed, unlike google analytics, you get real-time visitors feeds, pages visitors are on, web browser and many more data for your own understanding of how your site works.
These three tools are the best for now when it comes analytics on blog or websites. There are many tools out there but i will stick to these three for now. 
Have you tried other analytics tools other than these, and you find them more interesting please drop a comment
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