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Characteristics of a professional blog

professional blogger

Think for a moment, who is a professional blogger? What makes such an individual’s blog stand out? Why did that individual’s blog call a professional blogger and yours not called same? Asking yourself these questions is evidence of difference you noticed between your blog and the next blog

There are numbers of blog out there that are “professional blog”. Can you actually become a professional blogger? You can,  If you want to be, then come with me as we take a look at some few things that made them stand out.

First things first, let’s look at the phrase “professional blogger”

Professional Blogger 

A professional blogger is that individual who lives online, who blogs for a living or makes living by blogging. My definition of a professional blogger may be found wanting, but close to the accurate definition. Professional bloggers are making waves and making money online. Industry such as blogging has now been taking to the next level because of them.

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Do you want to start a professional blog?

You will agree with me that starting a blog is fun. Making passive income from your blog is way cool!  But becoming a professional is completely on a different level. If you are planning on becoming a professional blogger and earn money from your blog, you are here.

By just saying I would want to become a professional blogger will not cut corners and make you one. Working towards it and stamping your authority online will make you one.

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All said and done, there are factors that may be used to determine if a blog is actually a pro blog.

Characteristics of Professional Blogger

Quality in grammar

 I will confess with ease and a clear conscious that when I started my first blog, my mindset was making money. Knowing how to become a professional blogger was not part of my first priority.

This mind set continues until I came in contact with copyblogggerCopyblogger, becomes the motivation, inspiration to becoming a Pro blogger. Understanding how copyblogger stood apart from most blogs, give me an edge to become like them.

Quality over quantity becomes the order of the day. A Pro blogger knows this! He employs it, observes it and maintains it to give him the desired result.


For a Pro.Blog, the style of writing differs; it clearly spelled out professionalism. Both search engine and individuals alike love such professionalism. Sharing of articles becomes inevitable; bounce rate becomes minimal and almost negligible.

How is this possible? It is possible because copyblogger has a way of connecting every word together. Each word comes with the feelings of I want to read more!! Punctuation connects the two parts of the sentence together and a full-stop brings a closure to the sentence. Delivering the message across in simple English language to the audience. Each paragraph comes with a better explanation of what the previous paragraph has to say. Paragraphs are connected with the state of suspension, and explanation. Expressing professionalism in the presentation of content and style of writing articles.

Good English language structure, mastery, and presentation that will awake the Oliver Twist in you. With quality in grammar and way of presentation, Pro-blog has lived up to their name as professional blog.

Living up to the name of Pro blogger has they for this long.

Quality in SEO

Optimizing your blog comes second to all after great and beautiful content.  Having a blog without SEO, it’s like saying a house without a roof.  A car without gas, a kitchen without food, can be exemplified with your blog.

Search Engine Optimization SEO is a key ingredient in blog and website. Generating organic traffic, or natural traffic without advert is the work of a well-optimized blog.

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SEO Journal will give you details explanation of what an SEO is and it’s important in your online business. Though SEO holds an important role in the characteristics of a professional blogger other criteria as grammar matters!  Try to employ SEO for your blog so you can also rank for some keywords and become an online authority.

Good content 

Over the years, the number of blogs has increased exponentially and it is safe to say, they are still increasing.  Now you know there are many niches related blogs, how can you stand out in your niche?  Good content is the key to this success

With the influx of new blogs, poorly writing content, copy-paste-blogging and other forms of plagiarisms have No-room-in-blogging-world!

 New blogs ideas are changing how we blog. Therefore we are compelled to deliver good content, fresh content and great content to our audience. Thus, the characteristic of a Professional Blogger is born!

How do professional bloggers brand and market their blogs?

A professional blogger will not allow his blog long without new content. Researching on how to become better and give his audience what they deserve is an example of Pro Blogger. Delivering new ideas, new contents to his readers.

 Establishing online authority by professional blogger 

Online authority is the characteristic of a professional blogger. Authority is what differentiates a professional blog from a non-professional one.

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However, developing online authority is not done within a day, a week or a month. Such authorities are not bought, they are earned over time. Establishing online authority can be seen clearly on Copyblogger. More so copyblogger is well known for its grammar, for its good presentation of topics. individual and search engines find it appealing.  Visitors can recommend a professional blogger to any one any day.

Online authority is not just purchasing backlinks and to be crawled by search engines. Purchasing Facebook likes to have better Social Media Profile. It is the act of knowing your stuff, and times without number delivering it straight and simple to a layman.

SEO journal is another example of a blog that has established online authority with a good character showing its professionalism as a blog.


Over the years, the blogging industry has been growing and bringing about many changes to the industry. Quantity becomes outdated; quality becomes the other of the day.

Now, the industry is flooded with sketchy and scanty content, but a Pro Blog keeps it together. Standing tall, making a difference in the industry with reference to quality and perseverance and continuity over time.

Thus the characteristics of professionalism are now born and make the end to plagiarism and other forms of copy pasting.

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