Google analytics: a free website statistics program

The internet is a place to share ideas, believe, practices, and lots of stuff that works. 

This act of sharing has motivate people around the world to start their business or promotes others to the  best of their own interests.

what is Google Analytics?

Promoting their selves and their business brought about the presence of many blogs and websites all around the world. When you search for latest fashion, you will find couple of thousands websites out there that talks in length about what fashion is about, a search for food may also offer such results about cooking lessons online.
Therefore what is the use of Google Analytics; it is a statistics program that help you keep track of people around the world that have actually visits your website/blog due to personal interest, appealing blog content, search result displaced by search engines, or may have return to your site because of what you have offered.
It is very important to know that for individuals or organizations with website/blog, traffic is very crucial for whatever the information on the site offer to it readers. Google analytics helps you to obtained information about the number  of people on your site/blog currently, the number of visitors you have for a day. These and many more are the services provided by Google analytics.
So don’t wait, rush to Google analytics and signed for an account right now. Google Analytics is awesome Google analytics is a service provided by the search engine giants Google; so that websites/blogs can keep tracks of their visitors. If you are completely a newbie on Google  analytics, just move here and view this video

The video above will give you a general over view of what you want to learn about google analytics. After viewing the video, the next step will be for you to see the next video DigitalFundamentals-lesson 2.1 the importance of digital analytics

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Now you understands that, with google analytics you can know ;
         How did people find your blog/websites; these give you details about your site traffic source. 
            What are the pages that they have visited and the amount of time the spent on the page.
With this knowledge about your pages views and traffic source, you may want to give the 

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people out there what they need, provide them with a better information and service, thus

increasing your traffic. This and more are the services Google analytics provides for you.

Starting a google Analytic Account
It is very easy to open a google Analytics accounts. Click Google Analytics, it will 

redirect you to a page like this

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Create and account and it will bring you to a place like this, this information will appear if you are log into your gmail account and you don’t have Google Analytic account

Enter the necessary information

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Google analytics and how it works 
Let us not forget!! Google analytics keeps tracks of the people that visit your site, the 
page they visited, how long they stayed on the page. This are the information google analytics makes use off, by cookie and Javascript code. If you also makes use of Google adwords, Google analytics  will also keeps tracks of your ads, like wise adsense.
The data presented by google analytics are very easy to read and to understand, these makes the tool very easy even for a beginner to understand and keep tracks of his  website/blog.
Google analytics tools 

There various tools of google analytics that are worth mentioning in the blog post.

  Analysis tool 
      Content analytics

  Mobile analytics
 Adwords analytics 
  Adsense performance

Analysis tool 
This tool enables the user to get the data about the people that have visit your website/blog. This information helps you in making decisions about what the visits are looking for, what lead them to your blog. The blog post that brought them to your blog.
Content analytics 
These analytics tools help you to know your best content on your blog, thus the content that people visits the most on your blog. The number of people per day that have seen that particular content and the time taking for the page to load.
Mobile analytics 
The world is changing, so I think you need to change with it. Gone are the days when people carry laptops around, especially in develop countries. Now mobiles phones are mostly used to keep taps about what is happening around the world. 

This group of people using mobile devices are the ones that visits websites more! and they do that on their mobile phones. Smartphone’s are now gradually more used in visiting websites than personal computers (PC). This contributes mostly to the pages views on your blog.

Adwords and Adsense  analytics 
Adwords is used by some websites to advertise their sites on google search and other websites. With adwords analytics, you can now keep track records of the performance of your ads on google, or other sites .

Adsense on the other hand is a tools also that allows you to  keep tracks of your adsense, the ads on your site that are actually making money for you and those that are not.

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