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How do a professional blogger brand and market their blog

how do a professional blogger brand

How do a Professional blogger brand? Quora is a good place to find blog topics. Who is a professional blogger and how does he brands his blog? Professionalism and branding cannot be separated; we have the likes of copyblogger, Problogger to thank for that.

Blogging itself is fun; I know this for a fact. But branding by professional bloggers is on a whole different level. How do professional bloggers brand their product and market them? Marketing a product is simple but selling a product, you need to do more.

Professional bloggers have ways to show they are. Branding and marketing their products is also on a different scale. When it comes to branding a product, professional bloggers does it better!

Who is a professional blogger?

A professional blogger is an individual that makes his living from his blog. A pro-blogger is that person that spends hours on his computer, creating innovative content about a specific topic.  About a question asked, or helping a person to find the solution to his problem.

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That’s how a professional blogger brands makes his living, by putting the people first, then the search engines and making money comes later.

A pro-blogger is like a doctor, who makes his living by treating people.  Pro-blogger is also like a marriage counselor, you go to her to seek advice on your marital issues. He guides educates, instructs and informs what is necessary for a beginner and a veteran to do in the blogging industry.

So in simple English, a pro-blogger is that person that makes his living from online. Industry such as blogging has a characteristic associated with professional bloggers .

Are you planning on becoming a professional blogger and make money by helping people realize their dreams?  If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place at the time in your journey of professionalism.

Deciding alone will not take you there. Staying focused on your dream and working towards achieving that dream will take you there.

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Are you deciding how to be a professional blogger and brand?

You can start blogging using any of the 4 free blogging platforms that are awesome. Platforms such as these can only show you a little what you are to do in the blogging industry. Free as they are, there are some limitations also with them, though they are the best place to start from.

In recent times, blogging has taking a different dimension compared to what it used to be. But still don’t let that, become a hindrance to realizing your dreams, and also adding value to someone life. However, if you can, and chose to be committed to your set goals, you can achieve greatness in blogging. Not just in words, but also in actions.

Now, are you deciding to be a professional blogger? If the answer to the question is yes, then you have nothing to fear.

All you need to be a professional blogger is to take blogging as a business. Like all business, it needs your attention, your time, your care. Unlike what you have been reading, you need to take time update your blog regularly because is good for SEO . Hunt down your prey (audience) at their various social media and give them what they need for their comfort.

How do you  becoming a professional blogger ?

During deciding on how to be a professional blogger and brand, it is important to know that there are harsh realities to blogging. Realities cannot be overlooked, underestimated or neglected.

Harsh realities, at some point you will question your passion for blogging. If you are blogging for the money, you need to take blogging very seriously.

Dedicate your time and monetize your passion, for blogging is a serious business. Every professional blogger has put in time and resources to be where they are. Put in your time and resources to become a professional blogger.
Characteristics  of a professional blogger

How do a professional blogger brand and market their products?

Branding as the names imply is the process of establishing authority. Establishing authority is not just standing out, standing tall; blog with good traffic, good SEO, and content, there’s more than what meets the eye

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How do a professional blogger brand Domain name?

Are you a blog owner? Yes, probably you are! The first thing about branding is choosing a good domain name for your blog or website. When deciding a domain name, it should be something simple and catchy so that people can remember quickly.

For instance, my blog name is LoudToAll, I think is simple enough for people to remember and make good reference too. Naming your blog is as important as traffic. Domain name is unique to each blog, forming the basis for URL for every blog.

How do a professional blogger brand his content?

Once you have a blog, don’t go copying other people all over the internet. Be unique and peculiar. Let the content of your blog cover most topic concerning your niche. Niche related blog has a better chance of ranking. Rankings help increase domain authority  of blogs

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Create quality over quantity blog content. Content worthy of professionalism in the blogging sphere.  Crappy contents, sketchy content in this dispensation cannot be called contents. Likewise poorly writing articles about how do professional bloggers brand and markets blog cannot be called content.

Writing well-researched contents will us to meet on your road to successful blogging.  Blogs are supposed to be niche related; niche related blog takes blogging to next level. Should content be king? Or should trust be king when branding and marketing your blog?

I would say both are important to

With the above mentioned (domain name and the content on your blog) you are basically set for how do professional bloggers brand their blog.

how professional bloggers brand and marketing Their Blog

Whenever I come across the term marketing, it always jumps start a nerve in my body. Marketing has taking a whole different level from the classics. It is now safe to say, marketing is the process of communicating a product, delivering a product and exchanging a product that has value to an individual, a client, a customer, a friend, a family member, a partner or the world at large.

How do a professional blogger brand their product? Branding the blog is having the above-mentioned in place. Remain fixed with your contents, your blogging style, your updates dates, and above all deliver the satisfaction to both people and search engines alike.

With this in your mind, marketing a blog should not be rocket science, something complicated or highly overrated. Marketing is a whole branch of blogging itself thus; I will restrict myself to the basic areas currently used today for marketing blog and blog post.

The social media is one giant industry that connects various people around the world together. Thus how do a professional blogger brand? they brands and market their products on this social media platforms that give you access to various numbers of audiences that you can communicate a product, deliver a product or exchange a product.

These media platforms are facebook, twitter, linkendin pinterest, with these platforms in mind and the right connection, you can market your blog and its contents. So if you are interested in starting a blog, you should also develop a good social media profile.

Any suggestions, feel free to drop a comment and I will get back at you and hope I have shade more light on your question?


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