How to use Google Analytics in keeping track records

Traffic on your blog or websites is crucial to the growth and development of your online business.
With Google Analytics, you can keep track of all your traffic and their sources. This good analytic tool gives you insight into what is happening on your site.
Here at loudtoall, using Google Analytics has improved traffic on the blog tremendously. This is why any newbie that owns a blog or a website  and has not install google analytics should go here, have it install.
Having installed google analytics on your blog,
Installing google analytics on your blog or website is fun? Ok if it is fun, then we can now proceed to the most fun part of using google analytics. If you are wandering why opening a google analytic account is important, then read 
The Google Analytic Dashboard is what you need to visit as soon as you log into your account

Take note of the following
Sessions by browsers
Bounce rate
Avg. Sessions Duration and pages/sessions 
Bounce Rate: it is very important to know the number of people that have viewed your blog. 

Bounce rate informs the blog Admin, the percentage of visitors that click the back button as soon as they land your blog, or type in a new URL and leave your site. The lower the bounce rate 20% to 30% the better. When your bounce rate is 50% and above, this shows that visitors quickly leave your blog as soon as they come.
It is important that your bounce rate is below 50% like this
Avg. Session. Your Avg. Session, should also be around 2 and 10 minutes which looks good for your site.

Why do I need all this data from Google analytics?
Once this overflow of data from google analytics starts’, learning about my blog visitors, traffic source, bounce rate, and other stuff become very easy and comfortable to deliver, to give my audience what they are looking for.

This data now allow me to know how people are getting to come to my blog, the pages they are visiting and the keyword that drives traffic to my blog.
This tool now helps me to know the pages that are getting better visitors, the pages that are getting less and why they are getting less.

Google Analytics  is the tool that will help you improve, put to good use the content on your blog, put to good use the meaning of SEO and other parameters’ that will get your blog ranking in no time in search engines.
Any advise suggestions or complains, leave a comment below,
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