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On your road to successful blogging(Updated 2017)

Blog on your road to be a successful blog owner. When we started blogging long before now we must say, it has not yielded any result. You may ask why? The reason is that we don’t know what we are doing in the first place.

I jumped from niche to niche as the saying goes “going with the flow”. Thinking we can make it as the person say he has. To become a successful blogger, you need to learn from the best, and then you can be in league with the best. If you become consistent and very influential, at a point you can become an online authority like the best in the business.

Now we can say we understand what makes these online authority stands different and become unique. You can also become an online authority like most of these guys you read about online. The fact is it takes time and patience to meet up to their standards.
how do professional bloggers brand and markets their blog?

As you work your path to successful blogging you need to know the technicality of blogging.  You may have included google analytics to help you to know what is being searched on your site the most.  Know the people and other demography of your visitors and customers, for it will help your business grow more. There is still more to do. You may have known how to start 
a blog or you have started a blog already.

These things are not yet enough. You can still do more! You do want to be successful on blogging? I guess these steps will help

Increasing your traffic

How do you increase site traffic organically to your blog? This is the most asked question. Having asked the same question when I started blogging, we are still trying to figure out the answer to this very question.

We wish the questions is that simple to answer but it is not. There is more to learn and to know about blogging than actually wanting to publish a post  and make money from it.

Traffic is the key word for blogging. Good content without traffic is like beautiful rt works with no gallery and critics, thus it boils down getting tons of traffic to your blog and making the best out of the traffic for revenue and other incentives to keep your site going.

Speaking of making money, there are a number of ways you can make money from your site even without advertisement .There is also ways you can make money from your blog with advertisement.  To make money from your site with adverts, Google Adsense is the best advertiser for your blog.

Search Engines;

With good content on your website, it is important to know that search engines will find you; this is good traffic without paying for it. You can actually start increasing your domain authority rankings  and your site better. To do this you need to know what it means to have a domain. Thus understanding domain authority in simple English. Once your domain ranking begins to grow, your organic traffic will come naturally.

Keyword Research; The beginner’s guides

Social platforms

Driving traffic with social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and linkedin is also important for your blog. They are good for blogger awareness. These social media creates the platform for publishing your post to reach hundreds of thousands of people all over the world today.

These platforms will give your blog huge amount of traffic when yo

u know how. Don’t be lazy, push your boundaries in blogging and give your audience their desires. Blogging is all about the people. Make it a habit of satisfying your customers and visitors. Feed them to their satisfaction, and they will come to you.

Work on your content to get SEO

Well if you are on WordPress, you will find various SEO plugins, but if you are on blogger, please move to WordPress. It should be clear to you now that you need SEO.

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. This means for search engines to find your blog, you will need to write quality contents on your niche topic.

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Quality over quantity, that’s what search engines are after. That’s how they can find you. So if you can spend money to get good SEO on your blog, spend money to get rankings. Good domain authority. Good Search Engine Optimization.  I will suggest you do that pronto!

Posting new content on your blog

As a blogger, there is always the need to keep updating your site with new content, for reason that is obvious. This is the ironclad rule in blogging. When you don’t update regularly, you will lose your audience. Because no one wants to read an old content over and over again, give the people and search engine what that need. Keep informing your audience of methods/strategies that works, so they can apply and succeed. @Loudtoall, we are interested in your success, not your failures.  Tell us more about your success stories and your failures, so we can learn, grow and become in a sense, PERFECT!  When it comes to the art of blogging

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Promoting your blog

Starting a site is way easy, in fact, is the easy part of blogging. Then come the hard part of blogging, the need for promoting the site and its content.  Reaching the desired audience and answering to their need at the time. Promoting your blog can be done using any of the following;

Advertise your blog with Google AdWords

Post on social media

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Email friends and people you know

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Following the above steps will help your blog grow traffic faster. These steps, the above-mentioned steps are not the ultimate or the yardstick for measurement. They are simply the basics ways of making your blog noticed by both individuals and search engines. If your steps are far more realistic than the above-mentioned, then you are moving in the right direction to be a successful blogger.

We will also appreciate it, if you can tell us more about new steps to promote blog, the ones we are yet to know and mentioned


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