Simple Guides to Ultimate Blogging

Starting a blog is actually fun, the thrilling feeling of making your first 
post and all, the sensation, it can’t be overemphasized. Don’t be an idiot like 
me when I started blogging, although being an idiot is not all bad, because 
if you refuse to be an idiot, you can’t make mistakes, then you can’t learn 
from your mistakes, and if you can’t learn from your mistakes then also, 
you can’t grow to be a better at blogging.
These simple guides to ultimate blogging will come a long way in helping

 you achieve your goals.

Write Everyday
The thrilling feelings of your first post as a beginner in blogging, will keep 
you excited, but later, as the days goes-by; it will become more difficult 
for you to want to write a post.
Let me enlightening you, writing is a habit, the more you write the better 
you become at it and the more you pumped into google fresh quality content. Fresh and quality is the word here.
If you can’t keep up with writing post, it will be advisable for you to hire 

someone at freelance to keep your blog updated for you.

Topic of Your Interest
Writing everyday may seems too tedious for you especially if you are a 
newbie.  For this reason you need a topic of your interest, a topic you are 
vast in its field. A field you can write and write with new innovations on 

the subject or topic at hand.

Niche Related Blog
At first, blogging seems fun, later it will seem tedious and time consuming 
for newbie’s. When your blog is not niche related, it can also become very 
Having a niche related blog helps you to be focused, helps search engine 
locates your blog faster due to selected keywords on your blog, increases 
your subscribers and gives your better ranking. This is why when selecting 
a blog topic, it should be niche related.
Don’t Copy Paste Content from other Blogs
I started blogging with a news blog, even copying contents from other blog 
post and putting them on mine. Rewriting blog post and all, this act did not 
go unnoticed, for I was noticed and your guest is right, I am burned from 
google adsense.
So a piece of advice, blogging is all about originality, try to be original 
about your blog post and meet to the needs and demands of your 
Good Grammer
Writing a post need some certain level of perfection that is why blogs like 
copyblogger, kissmetrices among others are well ranked for their 
originality and good grammer.
Take some time, visit copyblogger or kissmetrics and notice the 
grammertical write-ups, their methods of presenting a post.
Each line connects with the next, each word, phrase, and new paragraph 
brings out the joy of reading a post.
Therefore, with good grammer, avoiding mistakes and spelling errors. The 
above mentioned gives’ a good user experience to your blog, good SEO,and 
makes search engine craw your blog better.
Scared of Linking in and out of Blog 
Starting as a newbie, there are a lot things to worry about. You may want 
to avoid linking your blog post to other blogs or sites like copyblogger, 
 for obvious reasons.
By linking your blog to these established profiles, you will assume your 
bounce rate will definitely increase, this statement is not true. By adding 
links, your blog trust will definitely increase. It will also help in good SEO, 
this I know firsthand.
By linking in, this means connecting related post on your blog together 
that are important, shading more light on statement made by you and 
point the reader in the right direction to what you are writing about.
Comments on Your Blog 
It is important to note that commenting on blogs, and also your comment 
section, goes a long way in building blog trust factor.
By commenting, your site will start getting more authority from search 
engines, and also create backlinks to your blog, building up your traffic.
Do well to comment on other related niches.
 Asked Questions at the Very End of Your Post
It is very important to know the need of your blog readers. One way of 
the ways of doing so, is by asking questions, asked about their views and 
what you should research on. What they will like to know more about. 
What they want you to write about. These and more will be your guides to 
ultimate blogging.
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