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Sure ways to drive traffic to your blog

 These are simply sure ways methods to driving blog traffic. Blogging is actually fun, for those who are already into it. We all know that for a fact, and can attest to it. The hardest part of blogging is driving traffic to your blog.What if you can gain people trust and start making head way with organic traffic.

It is very simple to gain people trust and have traffic organically without any problem.

For website, blog, and facebooks page owners, to have traffic means sells.

This is why it is better to keep it simple. learn sure ways to drive traffic to your blog.

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There are numerous ways to drive traffic to your blog.

hat are the best ways that have remained unchanged over the ages?

These sure ways will get you there in no time.

 Sure way by creating Quality content

Assuming you come across this post as a result of typing “sure ways to drive traffic to your blog”  in a search and you really don’t know how to start a blog. It will be of interest that you read 4 free blogging platforms that are awesome. These will give you a guide to what you are looking for and how to come about it. You will definitely enjoy blogging on these platforms.

These platforms are as advertised. They are awesome platforms for learning blogging tips.

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While you are at it. Make sure you avoid 5 blogging mistakes every newbie in blogging need to stop making.

The first, best and most important sure way to drive traffic is quality content.

Quality content is the act of making your blog post unique. It is far from the simple fact of just creating a good and readable content.

These go beyond just being unique.

Quality content is creating trust in the heart of your readers.

Trust that you are not copying people’s work. Your content is not some crappy content. They are well researched and tested ways that have worked for you.

Creating content from what you have experienced. A quality and well writing content with the right keyword. Methods you must have employed in making the content better. The method has given you a new understanding of what quality content is. How quality over quantity is the best action for every blogger.

Quality in content has proven how it has improved our blog loudtoall over the shortest time we have started running the blog.

We are not better than any, we are not wiser, these method has worked. Because the method has worked, we think the general public should know and employed of creating a quality content.

Sure way by Guest blogging

There are blogs out there that have established authorities over the internet; they are high profiled and authoritative websites. These sites are known for quality not quantity, good SEO, good backlinks

.Good backlinks help in growing and making a blog better, thus the idea of Guest blogging comes to play.

Guest blogging is a sure way in driving traffic to your blog. Bloggers all over the internet are now involved in guest posting for some few decent backlinks from authoritative sites.

Having one or more of your articles posted on these high profillic blogs will boost your traffic beyond reasonable, and unimaginable doubts.

More so,  guest blogging is a win-win situation. Both the high profiled site and also the guest blogger are all beneficiaries in this venture.

Here are some high profile sites that accept guest blogging. Bear in mind that, they have a great and high standard that you need to meet up to.

Be not scared or weary, do your research and write a master piece, the result of your effort will not be wasted. Do well to research this blog before applying for guest blogging.

content marketing institute 

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Blog Commenting 

 You have started a blog, it is important to note the bottom of your blog, where it read post a comment.

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By commenting on related niches, it will raise the chances of you getting more traffic to your blog.

Here is the screenshot of the first comment made on my blogsure ways

Sure way by optimization your blog

It should be noted that making quality post matters in blogging. optimizing these articles created also matters.

Optimizing these articles can bring you traffic from search engines and human alike. A good content deserves to be read, commented-on and shared. The world of content marketing is now based on the simple word called SEO

Search engine optimization is evolving with time. Familiarizing with

the basics  of SEO is important to ensuring quality traffic to your blog. When you type the word SEO in Google search engine, this result will appear.

sure ways


There are pages of search result that will pop up, these pages are also ranking for such keywords. This is why it is important that your blog should contain certain keywords that will help search engines find your blog faster and index your blog. These are called keywords in the field of SEO.

Use the keywords on your blog to drive traffic to your blog. If the above-mentioned methods are the ones you are using to drive traffic to your blog, then you have not yet started blogging yet.



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