What is Google Analytics?

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Google analytics is a FREE service, provided by the search giants google which provides comprehensive statistics regarding the number of visitors to your blog.

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Whether you run a blog, a website,a small business or a large corporation. Google analytics is the freemium service that will help you to gather data on your visitor,  make analyze on how to provide best service to your blog and readers.

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Google Analytics: A Free websites statistics program 

Google analytics will help track down your blog traffic, your SEO, the best keywords for Adwords services, the best Adsense on your blog, where your traffic is coming from.

SEO The Basics 

With google analytics, there are countless improvement you can make for your blog. The fermium service is soo important that you can’t just do with it when running a websites or blog.

The importance of Google Analytics 
The importance of google analytics cannot be overemphasized. The freemium tool is important in digital marketing but it is the most underused tool. Here are some importance of google analytics in black and white.
Google analytics gives your details from where your visitors are coming from.
Google analytics gives your details on how visitors found your blog or websites.
The freemium tool also informs you which web browser are used mostly in visiting your blog or websites.
Google analytics also shows you what keywords are used in search engines which lead the visitor to your blog or websites. This is good for SEO, 
knowing the keywords or key phrase is very crucial for SEO on your blog.
Why should you use Google Analytics on your blog 
Google analytics is the tool for you. If you need more convincing about the importance, what you stand to gain with google analytics then.
With google analytics, you keep track of important keywords on your blog that generates traffic and is good for SEO.
With google analytics, you can now know the effectiveness of your blog with certainbrowser, your blog visitors from what part of the world are they coming from.
With google analytics, you can now determine which content has the good SEO and keywords that drive organic traffic better.
The bottom line here is, google analytics allow you to get the best information on your blog to know what works, and what doesn’t work.
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