Keyword Research the beginner’s guide

keyword research

Keyword research is one topic discussed as much as search engine optimization. Before starting a blog, keyword research is the first thing you should focus on. We all have been talking about SEO, quality in content, originality and many more factors. Factors mentioned-above keep our blog or website going, we all have forgotten the place of Keyword research.

It is now important to note that keyword is crucial just as much as SEO, Domain authority, Originality, blog traffic  etc. Doing keyword research at its best will lead to the road to success blogging.  Finding the right keyword for your marketplace can not be neglected. Neglecting the place of keyword research will lead to failure in reaching your goals.

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The usefulness of keyword research and how it affects our blogs, websites is beyond just writing an article. Just writing a masterpiece, appropriate word count, stylish and well-presented content won’t cut it.

Researching and bringing the best from your hard labor give you the edge over others.  After all, without the best research, you will just create a fairly good content. Fundamentally, a well-researched content is well detailed explained and has what it take to be called a content.

Keyword research the beginner’s guide

 Beginner’s  guide as the name implies, this article is writing to address a beginner. To understand what keyword is and how to go about it, we must first observe anomalies in our articles. Some of your articles are getting more traffic than others; they are ranking better in Google search engine. Have you ever wondered


Let me answer you, you have done something better. Being better at that particular article makes your site to rank better. I noticed that one among my articles, is ranking in 4th place in Google Search engine, and I get to find out why it is ranking.

Who is doing the keyword research content ranking?

Google search engine over the years has been changing and evolving. Rank algorithms are built to rank blogs and site. These ranking algorithms are now changing day after day. Machine running algorithm ranks your site depending on some set number of criteria’s.  Site ranking in this context is the other to which search engine result pages are displayed.

SEO The Basics

 What is consider keyword research in ranking

 Trying to rank for certain keyword would have to do with the word count and other factors. First on this list is a keyword.


There are a number of ways a certain keyword can be ranked. When we speak of keyword, we refer to a specific word, group of words or group of words that make sense or no sense (phrase). These phrases are the specific words driving traffic to our blog. Targeting such a keyword, we write an article about it and hope it brings traffic to our blog. Those phrases are called “targeted keyword”

keyword research

Position of keyword

Search engine has their ways of ranking. Pos as it is writing, is the position of such a keyword as ranked by Google search engine or another search engine. You should aim at ranking in the first position. Position of the keyword in Google search matters, if your keyword Pos is 1 meaning you are in the first position.

Every blog owner dream is to rank for the 1st position. Do yourself a favor and try to rank for the first position.

Volume of searched keyword

Volume of search gives information on the number of searches per month for the keyword. Most bloggers assume a “targeted keyword” will rank higher or be popular, luckily Google search engine bots will inform you contrary. Contradictions in the volume of searches occur because of some said factors. Phrases used in the search may differ, and if it does, the search result will differ. Differences occur due to what is known as

Short tail keyword

Short tails are keywords that are made up of 1 to 3 words. Short tail has high volume but little CTR. Words like Blog traffic, Google Adsense advertiser are known as short tail keywords.

Long tail keyword

Long tail keywords are usually long containing more than three words in the phrase.

Adsense advertiser for your blog, the ultimate guide to off page SEO, keyword research the beginner’s guide, is said examples of long tail keywords. Professional bloggers and website owners employ keyword research to drive traffic to their site. Short tail keywords are not profitable for marketers. Profitable keywords are the long tail keyword.

keyword research

The importance of keyword to a blog owner

Loudtoall is one blog where the people come first. Though we also need the money, we also consider giving the people the satisfaction they need. Optimizing blogs and websites for maximizing organic traffic has always been every blog owner nightmare. Starting a blog has always been fun, but know that keyword research is very important to get a better result.

During keyword research, you may come across other related keywords, by incorporating them in your content it will help in search engine ranking for your website. During keyword research, you will come across more related topics and good content for your website. Research will also broaden your views and ideas about the particular niche on which your website is all about. Targeting the Keyword will definitely keep you on your goals, setting you on the path to achieving your dreams.

Holding the benefits of keyword research high has gotten loudtoall this far. Meta keyword will not get you anywhere. Pick a keyword with low competition to get ranked faster by search engines. Good keywords will definitely get you more organic traffic which is the basis of every website or blog. Remember in simple English term, the search engine algorithm decides whether your content is relevant or not.

Also for a competitive keyword, you are likely to be ranked lower, and for a keyword that is not search monthly, it is bad for SEO.

How to start keyword research for your blog

How to start a keyword research is the process of finding the targeted keyword for your blog article. Any blogger who is akin to becoming successful in blogging, need to know how to research a keyword. Making money on your blog is crucial yes?  So also researching and coming up with a better content than your competitors. There are various tools for researching keywords, some are free and some are not.

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I will advise you go for the free keywords research tools before going to paid tools.

Starting with Google keyword planner

Google keyword planner  is a free tool you can use to research your content and come with a better content.

Good blog owners understand, after picking a niche, employing keyword research is the next phase of action. Niche is built by writing quality content over a specified keyword which is niche related.

Semrush keyword tool

SEMrush is a tool that is most used by bloggers to do research. It is a paid tool but has a 15-day free trial. Tools such as this really, worth the amount you are going to pay for it.

Google search tool

Auto-suggest Google search engine tool can also be used query up certain keywords. Though this tool will not give you detail information about what you are looking for, you can have ideas.

Other tools are


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Headlines in keyword research

Once you are done with your keyword research, create a good headline for your article. Head lines can also be called meta title of the article.

Write a good description of your article that would interest people and also search engine to visit your site. A description such as this is called meta description for the article.

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I will suggest you add up your targeted keyword in the meta description of your blog post. Meta description should contain the relevant keyword. These encourage clicks when SERPs are displayed.


Goals in the blogging industry can be set. Achieving these sets goals is made easy with researching keyword before creating an article. Tool such as Google keyword planner, Ahref, and SEMrush, helping to realize such goals.

Such tools make researching and bringing the best better than your competitors a reality.

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