Link building importance in SEO

link building
Link building in blogs or website is the basis for SEO. If you are wondering what SEO is? I will suggest you take a tour with SEO The Basics. This will give you an idea of what Search Engine Optimization SEO is in it basics form. Now you have read through and understand a little what SEO is, then we can now talk about link building as part of SEO.

There is no running from it when you are building an online authority. You need links pointing back to your blog or website. These links help in making your site crawlable. As your website is better index by Google and other search engines, the more the traffic you see coming from search engines as words, or phrases relating to your blog is been searched.

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  Link building importance in SEO

The main ingredient in blogging or having a website is having search engine find your blog.  Writing great and beautiful content is also a criterion for increasing Domain authority ranking  for your blog. These are made possible by the number of links to your blog. Creating powerful rich content also makes your readers want to come for more and subscribe to your email list.

Now writing quality articles and making regular post will go a long way in making you an online authority.  There are instances where after making the right content, your blog is not having the required page views. This will get you asking what is the secret individuals like johnchow ? This is an example of an individual making hundreds of thousands of dollars in a month. This kind of individuals gets you thinking maybe something is wrong with your approach of blocking and want to be in the same niche with them.

You really need to know what link building in SEO is! Knowing this will help your website grow faster. Gone are the days where link building is automated.  Gone are the days the quality of content is not an issue. Automated tools do the link building, or you pay for it. When Google launched Google Penguin algorithm, it made sure that link building is based on skills and other factors. Now link building takes time and patience to get it right as rain!

Here at loudtoall, link building is a gradual process and it is growing faster at an alarming rate, thanks to understanding the basics in SEO.

Link building

This is the act or process of getting your blog link to highly qualitative, relevant or related recognized website/blog with high online profiles. It is not just important to get all the above mention, but also, the links should also be diversified and well spread across the search engine world. This will bring in more quality organic search to your blog.

When building links to your blog. It takes patience and a lot of time to achieve the desired result. Link building is not making a post on regular basis, it is not researching an article. Link building is the act of making your article an online reference.

Why you need to build links to your blog

Having the basics of SEO is not sure page views than that of your competitor. Search engine optimization keeps evolving every single day. It is not safe to remain idle and think you have finished learning SEO. You would be shocked to know that you will remain in the stone age of search engine optimization if you don’t keep up.

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The quality of inbound links will go a long way in making sure Google rank your page faster in search engine you’re your competitors. What is the main motivation of having a blog or website? Maybe you want to make money, and then all you need is to have a good and quality links up your blog.

Benefits derived from link building

Link building has a lot of benefits. These benefits can be viewed in providing the blog with organic searched traffic. Internal linking of your web page also helps Google bots crawl your site better. Below are some of the most considered benefits of link building.

Good traffic

Traffic can be said to be the number of unique visitors per day on your website. Getting traffic comes in diverse ways. Free organic traffic is the best of them all. Authoritative site at times would want to link to your website or blog using the DoFollow link.  This will automatically pass what is called link juice to your site. This authoritative site will pass some of their link juice to you and your traffic will start to boom.

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Visibility to Search Engine

Having quality links in your site. This will increase the visibility of your website to search engines. It will also help them to crawl your site better by the day. Blogs and site are all about been visible to both people and search engines. Getting visible to a search engine is one thing, then follow indexing your site for better search results when people search your site.


Easy crawling of your blog

Linking your blog post is important. Linking is done because there are some few pages that share information. Articles may also share information. Contains may also be similar. When this article, contents, and pages are properly linked. They help people first get the information they need and also help the search bots crawl your site better.

Therefore when creating a blog post. Make sure you link contents, pages, and article that are similar. They actually help in link building as it allows crawling easy.


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