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Search engine optimization  the basics for the beginner. Google is one tricky search engine. To Google, every website or blog needs to be crawled. This is so information can be structured and stored. Structured information in Google data base helps ranking search engine results that are displaced.

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There are a lot of factors for ranking search engine results pages. These factors may include backlinks, blog age, fresh,unique contents, keyword etc.

Google algorithm like Google Penguin and Panda do their work diligently and deliver a good result to the ranking of pages, website, and content on a blog post. There are also several criteria for these rankings. This all boils down to what is known as search engine optimization.

Typing the word Search Engine Optimization SEO, one will come across tons of blog post, which seeks to explain what SEO is! Some of these blogs come first, while other may appear second and so on. These is due to search engine optimization of the blog post.

Search engine optimization the basics

What was your drive for blogging? Was it money? Was it fun? Was it a passion to air-out your opinion about a product or services? No matter what the reason is, you have a blog now or you are planning to have one. Then you need to know more about SEO. Search engine optimization is, therefore, the first thing to do. The following step guides you to a better SEO

On-page SEO Techniques to Boost Ranking on Google’s First Page 

Create original content 

Google is one search engine that loves New-Fresh-Original content to give her customers. Google crawls your blog or website every now and then for new content to satisfy her customers and make them happy.

Avoid copy-pasting or plagiarism by being original about your content. More importantly, be unique and have a brand. Use the problem-solving method in blogging to be unique. This method will keep bringing new innovative ways to tackle problems. I will keep your blog visitors coming back and needing More!

The phrase “New-Fresh-Original content” should be your watchword when blogging. These will help in tackling the issues boredom in blogging. When creating original content, please note the  following and abide by them

Photography & Videos should be original 

Photographs & Videos you put on your blog should be original. If any copyright content will be published on your blog make sure you abide by the policies. It should also be clearly stated and referenced for copyright.

The idea of original content is to build a good and lasting relationship with your audience. A relationship that tells your audience that you are not some lazy-back-stabbing blogger. A blogger who find pleasure in living on and copying other people hard work.

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Building backlinks naturally

First of all, what is a backlink, simply put; it is when a website or another blog links back to your blog or website. This blog gives you what is known as link juice.

The Cons of backlinks 

Running a website or blog on bought backlinks is bad for your site. When you talk about SEO, you are also talking about backlinks in a sense. This is because, you need to understand domain authority in simple English. Increasing your domain authority ranking will also be good for your blog. The more you are ranked in search engines.

The Pros of backlinks

To build quality over quantity in backlinks is to write quality amazing content about your niche. You need to build a website that will keep bringing people back for more. Allow your audience to have a say about how you blog.

Give room for opinion about your contents. This will increase the number of quality backlinks to your blog or website. It’s time-consuming to build backlinks to most blog. Link building in search engine optimization is very important

Commenting on other blogs 

By commenting on other people’s blog or website, it helps build your backlinks and build a good relationship with your blog and other blogs. Whenever you come across a good content that answers to your need or that point you in the right direction. It is important to drop a comment.

 A comment to express how the author of the content has helped you or enlighten you. These help to assure the publisher that they are doing a nice job to their niche and community.

The social media profiles 

SEO has now taken a different level, a new phase entirely. It is completely different to what it used to be, thus Social Media signals and profile. They are now incorporated into SEO aside the traffic source to your blog or website.

When people share your content on Facebook or tweet the content on Twitter. Chances are, your content has answered the need of a person(s) and they also feel that it can also be of help to others.

Write shareable content to boost your backlinks that also help your on page and off-page SEO

Research your keyword 

Keyword research in blogging is without a doubt, eccentric towards success in blogging. Chances are, you have been blogging without keyword research. it’s high time for you to know about

Google analytics: a free website statistics program

What is google analytics?

How to use Google analytics in keeping track records

This tool will help give a related keyword to what you want to rank for. To know what you are to do, to go about it, how to get more organic traffic. Targeted keyword on your blog is good for rankings. That’s just how powerful you can use the above-mentioned tools.

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