The quality of backlinks in Search Engine Optimization


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Backlinks are important in Search Engine Optimization SEO as well as traffic itself. Without quality in backlinks and good SEO, organic blog traffic is close to impossible.

The source of qualitative backlinks

You probably wandering when blog/websites owners inform you of thousands of page views per day and you are wandering what is wrong with your blog and why you are not having the same amount of pages views? The answer to this is very simple. The quality of your backlinks and SEO

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How to source quality backlinks 

There are simple methods of getting quality backlinks to your blog. It is important not to buy backlinks, but to build quality backlinks to your blog and watch your money grow like grass on a field using the following simple methods
SEO the Basics

Keyword Research the beginner’s guides

Link building importance in SEO

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On page SEO techniques to boost ranking on google’s first page


This is a method of collecting, and presenting information in the form of pictures. Thus infograhics is the visual representation of information and data in the forms of  pictures, chat or diagram for better clarity, better understanding of a message been passed.

This technique will definitely work for you and give you the traffic you need and build backlinks for your blog. All you need is the right combination of information and data that will be appealing to the people that will come across your blog post.

The best place to publish your inforgraphics is stumbleupon. Once your post get pick, it will drive tons of traffic in no time and generate backlinks for you.

Commenting on blog or related niche

While this process is slow and steady, taking time to grow, it will sure help in growing the number of backlinks to your blog in time. The more you comment (remember your comment should not be found wanting in anyway but contributing to the blog you are commenting) the more you get good backlinks. (Don’t also comment on blogs or website google may found wanting)

Write amazing content

First and foremost, it is good to know that when your content is not interesting, educating, entertaining, informative, then work done is as simple as zero.

Therefore writing amazing content, good content, captivating content is like writing a good novel that becomes best seller and also bagging an award for the best selling novelist of the year.

Thus, writing a good content, with the need of the people in mind and in no way violating any copy-write, being  original, and Search Engine friendly attracts traffic and as well, even as a newbie other bloggers would want to be associated with you to get quality backlinks.

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Answering questions in forums

Register with a number of forums out there (find some list of forums here) that you may register with them if you are yet to do so. Take part in discussing and making relevant comments, contributions & also answer questions. Build a good reputation with them and see how your traffic and backlinks grow


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