Ways to earn money online with & without investment

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Beginning a blog is good for a person who has time even if you still have a job or not. The truth is blogging needs time and patience, determination, and good grammer writing.

The fact is you need money to pay your bills, money to move around with friends and go on vacations and all. Money is involved in almost everything, i presume that money also was a contributing factor for your starting a blog?

The methods am about telling you can help you make some of that money you need to live your dream life. This methods solely depends on the effort you put into it 
How to earn money online
 There are number of ways to make money online, some are legit sources , some are scam source. Whenever ever you come across any make money online scheme on the internet, don’t rush into making payments, take your time to make research on these make money online schemes, read places on the site like FAQ, Testimonies and also be mindful of the dates of their latest testimonies.
I will strongly advise you that not all this sites are legit. Here I will be revealing the method that works, not for me alone, but also for many people out there that took their time to make research and know what works and what does not.
Few of this method mentioned below will require you to write, be a good writer, or invest.
Writing articles and getting paid
Bloggers and other webmasters always need fresh content to keep their blogs and site with good amount of traffic. You can search around and register with some forums like warriorforum where you will be able to meet people of like mind.
The quality of the article you have writing and depending on terms and conditions of service, determine how you get paid. This ranges from $2-$30. The article writing will come with its own instructions such as niche, number of words and to some, the population demography.
It is absolutely best to know what article to write and the area you are writing on. Be professional about and be honest to know your limitations. Don’t be jack of all trade and the master of none when it comes to articles writing as a way of making money online.
Writing for blog
You are reading this post right now on a blog. Get acquainted with some blog owners who offer to write good-qualitative blog post and they pay you for your service rendered.
Using this method, you can make some few hundred of dollars here and there. Remember that this method is with zero investment. You have to work with deadline.
Meeting the deadlines on blog post is far very important to anyone looking to make money writing articles online.
Guest posting for your client
There are blogs out there that accepts guest posting. By writing good and quality article for your client, This may moved your client to offer you  a guest posting article writing for himself or for another blog or website.

Guest posting is way beneficial to the owner of a blog or website in terms of traffic, and rankings in search engines. Try to imagine when you get invited to write a guest post for a blog as copyblogger, kissmetrices, SEJ-journal, the feeling it self is overwhelming for these sites are authoritative and well recommended internet profile.
Trade forex
We have been discussing on how to make money online with or without investment, have it occur to you, that you can still make money online by trading in Forex. With little investment and the technical knowhow, you can start making money.
Making money with forex is easy but before you jump into start making money with forex, I will strongly advise you do your research first an learn how to trade forex with demo accounts
Invest in online make money programmes
I will have to stress and really stressed here that there are a lot of make money online programmes this days. There are genuine ones and a lot of scams out there, thus be very careful in the programs you invest with.
Make research  on this programmes before investing a penny with them, read people success stories, people that have actually invested and where possible contact them to know if the investment program is real or scam before investing a penny into it.
I have met my share of these scams over the years and they have dealt with me seriously, I know how it feels, so make you do your home work before investing in this online programs.
You can click here to invest in this program, in the above mentioned program, I am yet to find anything wrong with them, but then if you have any problem with them in the past please do leave a comment below.
The best way to invest
The best way to invest in this online make money is to invest time and money in educating yourself about what really works and what does not works online.
People like johnchow, who is living the dot-com life style is in best position to advise you. Why am I making reference to johnchow, because he took blogging to the next level from zero to $40,000 in one month.
if you have any information, complains or recommendation, please feel free to drop me a comment.
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