Reasons why regular update of your website is good for SEO

Your blog can be said in a manner of speaking a living thing, care to know why? Every update you make to the blog, and as soon as that update comes to live, it feels to the websites as thus you have to feed it and it will respond with an influx of traffic.

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This influx of traffic increases search engine signals to your website thus make it grow more in search engines. In a manner of speaking the better updates, the better keywords and also the better searched it gets in search engines. Therefore a static website or blog will have a lower search engine signals and thus low SEO.

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SEO the basics 

The more search engine sees updates from your website, the more they index and better crawl your site, therefore fresh information by updating your website offers a better ranking to search engines and better search engine optimization SEO

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Reasons For Updating Your Website Regularly

There are some important reasons that we may have being overlooking, these reasons best help our blog/website get more SEO in the following ways

Google loves free unique updates
Now updating your website every day with new content in the form of text, image or make new changes to your site is the best and easiest way of getting more SEO, these new content update will come over with its new backlinks, it will come over with different searches from all across the world. It will increase your search engines signals and better access to the resources on your page.

More Keyword for SEO

Whenever you publish a new content, this implies that the number of your keyword has thus increased by a plus 1(+1). This information becomes Google search algorithm knowledge, and the new page on your website becomes index and better ranked on that keyword with additional pages on the same keyword.

These results becomes a better index knowledge for search engine and adding new backlinks to your SEO, SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) on your site on the same keyword

For each time your update your site, you add a valuable keyword, by extension add a new backlinks, by extension you have added a new quality over quantity content that Google will want to rank by using user’s experience an average time on page.

Fresh Content on Your Blog Means New Ideas

Adding new content on your blog is not only beneficial to Google as a search engine but also beneficial to your subscribers and web crawlers. Your subscribers would want new and innovative ways of doing things, they may be bored with the old method that has being saturated SERPs and would need new ways.

Fresh content on your blog can also mean you are keeping up with new trends, new technology and current ways of doing things. This method new visitors would want to subscribe to your website, to be informed of new technology development around the world, they would want to know new faster methods of doing things. This will also prompt a new backlink a new share on social media, a new referenced to the article.

These mentioned above gives you better On-Page and Off-page SEO.

The regular update on your website, will encourage loyalty, will encourage a come-back-again from a visitor, will encourage a bookmaking of your page, these and more is why regular updating of your website is good for SEO

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