The ultimate guide to off-page SEO in 2017


There are many people out there that are just starting a blog, while others are already running a blog. Some of these people know the need for search engine optimization while others don’t.

Well in case you are in the category of people who know not how to do SEO, I suggest you start with SEO The Basics, then work your way to what is called KeywordResearch The beginner’s guide. This two start ups will enlighten you on what you need to know.

When you typed in SEO in the search engine the following results pops up

Why is the above statement important in search Engine like google that it will come up with the above mentioned result? Don’t it strike you that there is more to SEO than it meets the eyes?

Now let me work you through what SEO means; it simple means Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is being divided into two On-page and Off-page SEO.

We are now going to focus our attention on off-page Search Engine Optimization and how to get them.

We are going to employ the following methods for Off-Page Search Engine Optimization.

Social Networking Sites

Social networking Sites  like facebook, linkedin twitter Google+ Pinterest are great sites that will manage your reputation greatly. By getting engaged with these sites, you are building a good reputation for yourself and marketing your product also.

Most of my source of traffics comes from facebook, they are great when it comes to building off-page SEO.

Forum Marketing/Posting

Create a forum or an online discussion board on facebook, on twitter or any sites that allows that and share topics, with people of like minds. Make Post,  reply Post and threads in the service areas.

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Whenever you post in a forum, or in a market place, be sure to reply message whenever you are answered (that is if anyone within the forum should aired out his views, opinion about the topic) to create more online awareness.

Directory Submission

Directory submission is alive and well contrary to many people believes. Submit you blog to directory and watch your SEO grow gradually.

It is important to know the effectiveness of a directory before you submit your site, it may be delaying and takes times before your blog is crawled and index, but it will definitely pay off.

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The submission by directory like DMOz Yahoo Directory, Zoominfo etc are free, check this, link-out and submit your blog

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Search Engine Submission

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo will definitely find your blog, but by submiting  your site to them, it hasting things up

Photo Sharing

By sharing your photos online with sites like Picasa, Flickr,  Photo Bucket, these photos will be shared over the internet and hopefully people will click and follow a link back to your blog.

Answer Questions

By asking and answering questions on yahoo or Quara, you increase your chances of being noticed and followed to your blog. Online or off-page SEO is all about developing a good reputation for one self. It is also advisable not to spam messages while doing that.

Internal Linking

Linking to your internal pages is also very relevant when making a post, this increase your internal link popularity and also help Google  crawl your blog better, thus providing better off-page SEO

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Using the above methods mentioned, it is a sure way for you to get better Off-Page SEO. Feel free to add where am missing out on Off-page SEO.


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