The Untold Facts About Search Engine Optimization

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Search engine optimization SEO the untold facts you have never heard of. Countless times you have heard about SEO or more appropriately you are just hearing about it for the first time. What is Search Engine Optimization? How are your posts ranked by search engines? Why do you need to optimize your website for search engine recognition and why do people also have to read your posts and cannot wait to get an update on new topics from your blog/website. This and more are the questions we will answer sequentially in today’s post. Then let’s take a good look at what search engine optimization is all about.

The basics of SEO  is one simple thing to understand.  It’s no   rocket science as some online gurus would have you believe, although mastering search engine optimization is quite tricky and takes time.  but it can be done if you are open to learn and try new ideas.

So in a simple dictionary meaning what is SEO?

Yes, you know its acronym stands for Search Engine Optimization, but what does it actually mean to someone without the prior knowledge? What does it mean to search engines?

Search engine optimization as defined by Wikipedia

According to Wikipedia SEO is “The process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine” This is SEO as seen by Wikipedia, but what is SEO to a layman? Have you ever sat down to ask yourself why so many blogs and websites talk so much about SEO

The visibility of your website to search engines

From the definition gotten from Wikipedia, we can deduce that it is “the visibility of a website or web page to search engines”. This means that whenever you write a post, it has to be visible to search engines.  Meaning it should be seen when searched by people online so also search engines. Your website should be visible not to one but all search engines,


Because you have written a good content

Because you have what google crawlers are after in your posts

Optimized keywords found and spatial spread in the article 

 Unique writing style, you do not plagiarize and avoiding the reverse engineering method when it comes to other people’s contents.

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Why would you go through all this pain?

Going through all this pain in satisfying the above mentioned rules are the reason why google crawlers will crawl and index your website or web page

Performing Search engine optimization for search engine alone

Carrying out search engine optimization for search engines alone is the optimization of keyword in a post. You have written a blog post and have made the most effective use of your blog post keywords seducing search engines and not humans…….. the outcome will be over-optimization of keyword, which will result into spam, crappy pages, in a short  you will be caught up by Google Penguin or Google Panda.

Through the following

through the following, you will have fewer shares on facebook, twitter, linkendin and other social media handles. This is because your work lacks the beauty of a well written content which should produce much social media shares which yours lack.

Performing SEO solely for search engines may get you the few needed dollars for a short while after making the post. Subsequently google and other search engines would be discouraged from indexing your website/web page because of the report of spam and crappy contents. I believe you wouldn’t want that for your business.

Performing search engine optimization for Search engines and humans

Performing SEO for both humans and search engines is the best approach for your business. A successful business owner would want to be loved by both web visitors and search engines, this means you will have to operate a White hat SEO. The ability to give web crawlers and search engines a run for their money will go a long way in helping your business grow.

Why do you need to be loved by both search engines and humans?

When writing the contents for your posts and you give quality posts void of plagiarism and content lifting.  Search engines  loves the originality and distinctive writing attributes, web crawlers on the other hand will respect that you deliver. This will bring you from the bottom to the top faster than you imagine. Without forgetting to always whet their appetites with the constant update of your website. Following these simple but meticulous procedures will be rewarding once you find yourself on the first page of not just google but other popular search engines.

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Performing SEO for humans and search engines will increase your popularity on social media handles like, facebook, twitter, and linkendin to mention a few. Such tactic when used appropriately will increase the amount of visitors, subscription, bookmarks, thus high-ranking placement in the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Yandex Bing).

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Writing a good content for SEO

Why is it important to write a good content when writing a post on your blog or website?

When you use the search engines for questions and you get the search results, you normally look through to find which of the result speaks to you, thus is the content relevant to want you need?

The above is just one among the reasons why you should write a good content on your website,

How do I write a good content?

When writing contents, it is important to research your topic, do your home work. Try to avoid giving your audience a half baked research, be precise and thorough.

You should endeavor to make a good keyword research in such a way that it is appealing to search engines and also individuals.

The quality of the content

As time pass by, the delivery of quality over quantity in content cannot be over emphasized, it is the back-bone to which SEO strive. Your content must be loaded with good stuff to the point that the reader will comment you for your effort and encourage. Even if not for money, give to the people quality content.

To be honest with you all, coming up with a beautifully loaded content is not easy, especially when you are not fully into blogging that is when you have a day’s job.

The two types of SEO

There are basically two types of SEO; that is Search Engine Optimization can be classified into

On-page SEO; The on-page SEO is the most important of all. It is concerned with how search engines ranks your page which include looking at Headlines, content and the page structure of your websites. On-page SEO Techniques to boost ranking on google first page is imbedded on how you do your own on-page SEO on your web page.

Off-page SEO: on the other hand is the criterion for which search engines ranking is out of your hand, it solely depends on the shares your post gets on social media, you can read more about how to encourage blog post shares.  This and more is why you need your blog post to be recognized and shared by many people around the globe. That been said.

Why do you need the On-page search engine optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is one of the basic things you need as a website owner, but why……

To do SEO, you need to follow certain criteria in order to get good ranking for certain keywords. These ranking may come from many reasons which we will take into consideration……

Google takes into account some of the below factors:

Social media ranking

Google and other search engines now taking into consideration the social media signals coming from your website because every-time a user shares your content, you get a plus (“+1)  search engine recognition to your site. This simply implies that search engine get to notice your blog more, your content more and you get more traffic.

The importance of social media rankings is that the more your content is shared, the more search engines notice your blog. The best thing to do here is to write a good content that will be shared in social media, because it will benefit your blog more.


Links control the web; they are the backbone to which the web thrives, it is better to say links are the blood-lines, therefore building a quality link is better for the building of SEO. Backlinks are not all equal, therefore getting quality backlinks to your blog is important. So go build backlinks to your site for you to get better rankings on search engine

Domain authority

When we speak of Domain Authority, we speak of a grade or a score between 0 to 100, meaning the higher your grade, the better your chance of been ranked in search engines.

Increase your Domain authority and your blog will get better rankings in search engines, the better the ranking, the better the traffic, it is not based on the word-count of your post, but it is the quality and uniqueness of the content you have on your blog that determines your websites authority. Therefore when scoring above 50, you are getting a better chance at achieving great Domain Authority.

So, if you really want to be on an equal footing with websites that have high Domain Authority, you will do well to keep that in mind.

Improve your website

Is important to improve your user experience, to make sure that people and search engines have the best user experience of your website. To improve your website user experience, you need to make the websites responsive to both Desktop users and mobile users.

Making your websites mobile friendly will yield more results because:

Research has shown that more than half of the world’s web traffic now comes from mobile phones, the time spent on mobile phones now out way the times spent on a computer. Therefore searches made with smart-phones are now more, and are gradually taking over the searches from desktops; soon mobile searches will replace Desktop searches.

Getting traffic from search engine is one thing; and another thing for readers to actually spend time on your blog. So when writing contents, write captivating content that will keep your readers on the edge of their seats and from entertainment news, give them what they desire, solve their problem, and that will help them stay more on your page.


The readability of your content: when writing your blog post, after you have selected a good post title, a title that captivates your readers attention, how readable is your content, how do your readers relate to and understand the content you have written, thus when writing, write in simple, straight-forward English that your readers will read and without having to work their brain or look for clarity on the blog understand what you have in store for them.

All these are forms of operating SEO

It is white-Hat SEO: When you know the basics of SEO, you stick to it by combining the all the above-mentioned methods, it is easy to say you are operating a white-Hat SEO. Updating your blog with  new and researched contents, which are posted on schedule, this mean you know the reason why regular updates is good for your blog. Not buying links, you are optimizing your blog, this means you are satisfying your audience.  Search algorithm and social media shares, quality in contents and all, then  you are safe whenever the next google updates comes.

Now that you have optimization for your blog you have also given to your audience what they need, you have written with the best keywords on your topic of interest, no plagiarism, then it is safe to say your blog will not be penalized by search engines, your website will not be banned from Google and other major search engines around the world.


In conclusion, when you read about search engine optimization, it is important to know that it is the bloodlines to which many websites are crawled by search engines.

When your site is optimized, it gives a better user experience it gets crawled and indexed by search engines, and also increases your online authority.

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