Understanding Domain Authority in Simple English

domain authority

Domain authority (DA) is not a new phrase to bloggers,  to the world of SEO and to other web users, but what is Domain Authority? Why is it important to bloggers and other Authority site?  Why should you be worried about Domain Authority? should you increase your Domain Authority and why, are the things we will be finding out in this post.

Domain Authority is as important as SEO when it comes to websites and how they are seen by search engines. Therefore our aim here is to know the importance of Domain Authority.

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Understanding Domain Authorityin simple English

Whenever the phrases domain authority is mentioned, it really means the score range between 1 to 100 of how possible your website will be ranked by a Search Engine. With 100 been the most ranked website and with 1 as the worst ranked website. The higher the score, the better the rankings of your website in search engines.

Scoring a Domain

DA score was developed by Moz, to predict how websites will be ranked on Search Engine Result Page (SERP) when a search result is dislodged.

Scoring help us to know how your website will be ranked when a keyword relating to your website is searched. The rankings is from 1 to 100 scores, which makes it easy for a website to be ranked between 20 to 30. Website find it very hard to ranked 70 to 80 on Moz Domain Authority score.

Clearly, Domain Authority is not a measure of SEO, but a measure of ranking between your site and competitive websites for related keywords. It is the likeliness of showcasing your websites than that of your competitor when you have a higher ranking than him with Moz Domain Authority Score.

5 best methods of increasing Domain authority ranking

But do not confuse Domain Authority for page rankings……

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The answer is very simple, Domain authority is the measure of the authority of your Domain. (complete Domain with every details, description, and trustworthiness) On the other hand,  Page Authority is the measure of the individual pages on your websites with no reference to your entire Domain. SEO the Basics is important to how a Page authority determines.

Factors Determining Domain Authority of Your Website

It is a known fact that large sites like Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo, are topping the charts when it comes to Domain Authority,  because they have thousands of links on their sites, than smaller sites with lower links pointing to them.

The Moz Domain  checker is a simple tool to use and comes with a 30-day free trial account. These factors for Determining Domain authority are links and more than 40 other factors coming together, they determine how your website is ranked.

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When you start your websites initially, your Moz score will be 1, then how do you improve and change this?

How to increase your own Domain authority

Domain Authority cannot be purchased, like growing backlinks in minutes, it cannot be taking from one site to another. To increase your Domain Authority, the simple methods are

Quality of website content

In trying to achieve a Domain authority, you need to write quality content, contents that will be appreciated by your audience. Write quality content, not quantity content. Content does not simply translate writing few words; your contents should at least be a thousand words long.

Such contents on your websites should be well writing, in simple English grammar. Well presented for the satisfaction of your readers and also Search Engine.

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Don’t be involve in plagiarism, or copy-pasting, be unique in your style of writing, style of presentation, and give meaningful information that will encourage blog post shares on social media

Generating quality links

Generating high-quality links for your websites will not be easy and fast, but with time you can do that. It is easy for you to buy links here and there, but generating quality links to your blog takes time and it is the best way. Though it may seem not easy, but with a little patience and hard work it can be done.

Getting quality high links is easy when your contents are shared on social media, and links are generated from all over the world. High quality links is not from a particular part of the world, that is why encouraging blog post shares is very important in your post.

Don’t miss the opportunity of writing half-baked-content that will not satisfy your audience, by giving them what they need; sharing is their next option by default mode because you gave to them their desire.

Increase Your Publishing Dates

Regular update of your blog is very important to increasing your Domain Authority. You may have decided that you are going to be blogging twice in a week or three times in a week. You need to increase your publishing dates, you may want to know why ………………………?

Regular update of your blog is not easy, we can all testify to that, especially if you are not blogging full-time. In trying to achieve a good Domain Authority score, you will need to updates your blog regularly for these reason…..

Google, Yahoo Search Engines love fresh content feed from blogs.

The more you post, the more traffic you have coming to your blog.

 more traffic you get, the more the revenue.

As the  traffic increase, the more the page ranks.

Writing more, the better your writing skills and English.

Your audience gets to read more fresh quality contents from your website.

Domain Trust

Domain trust is also crucial for your site, but how can search engines trust your site you may ask?

In order for you to build this trust, you must not be involved in any form of plagiarism, any form of copy-pasting contents from other websites. Getting involved in any unethical behavior will undoubtedly result in one possible outcome, search engine ignoring your site.

Don’t get involved in Domain Distrusting

There are obviously some “do’s”   and “don’t” in Domain trusting, to get better Domain Authority, the following Domain trusting “don’t must be observed,

The frequency of acquiring backlinks and its quality must check.

Acquiring backlinks from spammy sites should also be avoided.

Links from like exchangers should also be avoided.

Are you ready to focus on your domain authority for a change, a better score between you and your competitor? It is time for you to set your gaze on observing the above-mentioned ways and adhering to them. Am emphasizing this, because the next time you will use your Moz, your page rank must have been gone up.

If you Domain Authority is pretty low, work on how to build a strong and better Domain where you could be ranking from 45 & above, so you can have an upper hand on your competitors to have more traffic.




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