Unveiling The Mysteries of Do-Follow and No-Follow

doFollow and noFollow

DoFollow and noFollow in Search Engine Optimization has always been the talk on most people lips, for individuals new to SEO, the phrase DoFollow and NoFollow  may be confusing. Don’t  worry, we are here to unveiling the Mysteries of DoFollow and NoFollow to the best of our knowledge.

We are going to be exploring the stand-off between a DoFollow and a NoFollow link from your blog. In loudtoall, our aim is to explain to the understanding of a 5-years old. Thus when we speak of DoFollow, we will love to explain it better.

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DoFollow and NoFollow

A DoFollow and NoFollow links are very similar, with little difference, the difference is seen in the “rel=”nofollow” attached to the link.

When creating a link, the link will look like this

<a href=>unveiling the mysteries of Dofollow and nofollow</a>

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The link above is a Do-Follow link, similarly a No-Follow,

<a href =”rel=”nofollow”>unveiling the mysteries of Dofollow and nofollow</a>

Looking at the Do-Follow and No-Follow link above, the simple difference from the two is the rel=”nofollow” thus by taking (rel= “nofollow”) out of the above second link, the by default becomes a “Do-Follow” link.

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Now you know what a DoFollow and a NoFollow link look like on your blog or website.  These two types of backlinks have the capacity pass link juice from one site to another, so which is passing links and which is not?

What DoFollow Link Does

The DoFollow links on your blog are the links that pass on link juice. What does this mean? Whenever search engine (Google, Bing, etc)  crawled your blog and comes across a DoFollow link, it follows it and reaches your blog or website, this is known as passing the link juice. DoFollow therefore are links that allow both search engines and humans to follow. The DoFollow links are the links that are very important to you blog. Get a clear explanation of this by Matt Cutts  he always has a way of making me feel good, maybe he will do same for you.


What No-Follow Link  Does

A  NoFollow link is a link that does not allow link juice, it does not favor the owner of the blog, unlike a DoFollow link. These links show no care, no charity, no love. These links are like a widow, having a sad, boring, lonely life, with no one to turn, not notice by anyone. (in this case notice by search engine) you need not such on your blog.


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