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What is Affiliate marketing? Things you need to know

What is Affiliate marketing? Things you need to know

What do you know and understand about affiliate marketing? We will be discussing what affiliate marketing is in general.  It’s no news that affiliate marketing is the best way to making money while sleeping.  

It is the most lucrative way to make money, don’t be fooled by anyone in telling you otherwise.

Affiliate marketing is not a new term to bloggers and internet marketers. Marketing to internet marketers and bloggers is making money while you are sleeping.

How do you make money while sleeping?

When we speak of affiliate marketing, we are simply referring to promoting other people products and earning a discount on each product sold (referred to as Commission) to a customer.

To make money while sleeping you need to promote other people’s products. This is done through this  service or program. Whenever you make sales of a product(s) you promote. A certain percentage called Commission is giving to you. It is that simple.


What is affiliate marking?

Affiliate marketing is the act of promoting other people’s products, (an individual or company) and getting a commission from each sale you make of the product.

When it comes to this form of marketing, three parties are involved. The individual(s) or the companies with the product are called The Merchant. The person promoting the product(s) is called The Publisher. The individual or groups of people buying the product(s) are called The Customer.

Who is The Merchant?

The individual that creates the product is called the Merchant. The merchant is the actual person or company that creates product(s).

The product may be small like e-books, or Samsung as a company that produces varieties of products.

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These groups of creators want their products in the market ASAP. They now employ the service of people called the affiliate marketers to make this happen.

How to become merchant A.K.A Creator

Becoming a merchant is easy.  There are some things you have to put into consideration before becoming a creator merchant.

First and foremost is to have a product you can sell.

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Secondly, is having a good idea of what the people want that is in line with the product you have.

Creating the product and making the product available in the market.

Convincing people to buy your product(s) and delivering the products.

With the above-mentioned steps, you have successfully become a Merchant, a product creator. The above-mentioned process is for conceiving the idea of product(s). Giving the idea a better thought, and believing that your products are better than other products out there. Putting this product in the market and seeing how far it’s going.

Making sales as a merchant

Making sales from the product(s) created, through affiliate marketers, i.e bloggers, and internet marketers is the next phase. These  marketers will help to expand the reach of your products to many people around the world. This expansion will increase products review. Product review will encourage products recommendation. Products recommendation Breeds sales

The ultimate goal of a merchant is to get his product out in the marketplace and be make sales, in thousands of dollars per day. The affiliate market is also happy when making sales in thousands of dollar.

Some terms that are associated with affiliate marketing

Merchant is the person or company that produces a product.

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Affiliate: this is an individual(s) that are into  promoting products and getting commission from selling them.

Affiliate software: These are software used by the company or individual that creates the product.

Affiliate I.D: this is the unique tracking code attached to the product. So that, when sales made, the commission will go to the person that aid the sale.

Affiliate link: This is a link that directs the customers to the products and it’s full details.

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Affiliate Commission: After each sale of a product, the person that aided the sales, gets a certain percentage of the sale. This is called Commission.

The Affiliate Publisher

The  Publisher is an individual or a company. They are responsible for promoting products that are created by the Merchant. This is where the sales of products are done, and they  get a percentage called commission.

The sales may range from few cents to a  dollar, or thousands of dollars.   The sales can be in a week, month or year. The sales may come from promoting a single or multiple products.

To secure sales, the publisher must write a compelling article, review of the product. There is also times when vetting is needed for meaningful sales.

The Customer

The customers or consumers are the final frontiers of affiliate marketing. The consumer buys the product (the  Publisher makes a sale and gets a commission), the Merchant makes an income on the product that was advertised by the  publisher.

For an affiliate marketer,  first;

You will need to find a merchant, after finding a merchant, then you apply and publish the merchant products on your blog or websites to make sales.

The commission from sales

There are many merchants out in the world with thousand of products. These products can be promoted based on interest by the publisher or the affiliate marketer.

The publisher has the blog or websites, he will decide on which products to promote. When choosing a product, choose one which is related to your niche.

Then write an interesting review on the product. This review will encourage people to know more about the product and the need for the product. After every sale, your commission will be sent to your account without delay.


We discuss what affiliate marketing is all about. We discuss the three main parties involved in affiliate marketing. The merchant, who is responsible for creating the products, the Publisher who is responsible for making publicity for the product, and finally the customer or the consumer who will buy the product.

Becoming an affiliate marketer is way easy and simple after all, this is the best way to make money will you are sleeping.

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