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Affiliate Marketing: 4 Step-by-Step Guides to becoming affiliate

Affiliate Marketing : 4 Step-by-Step Guides to becoming an affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is a game changer to online marketers. Starting your journey of affiliate marketing can be tedious and boredom.  With this guide, affiliate marketing; 4 step-by-step guides to becoming an affiliate you can hit the start mark. Once you start, you become unstoppable.

Assuming you already know what is affiliate marketing? Things you need to know, we can now proceed into explaining how to become an affiliate marketer in a step-by-step guide from start to finish.

Affiliate marketing : 4 step-by-step guides to becoming an affiliate marketer

An affiliate marketer  is that persons that promote other people’s products and make commission from sales of other people products. These sales are  maybe in cents,  dollars, or even thousands of dollars depending on the number of  sales per day, week or month.

To becoming an affiliate marketer,  and be good in marketing, we would be considering the following four steps;

Review of products

Building emails lists for affiliate marketing

Joint ventures on webinars affiliate marketing

Pay per click advertising.

Marketing through  review of products related to your niche

Review of products is the best way to start affiliate marketing. There are few things you need to know here. As you need a blog, to write reviews about certain products you like. Certain products you have used. Certain products sent to you to you, to use and give recommendations to the Merchant.

At this stage, you can publicly talk about the product. Give recommendations about that product. But first, take the following into consideration before you start reviewing products.

Any product related to your niche works

Write a beautiful review that revivals your competitors about the product during marketing. The product you are writing on should be a product you can also relate too and if possible something you have used or you are using.

Why write a review in  marketing?

When writing a review in marketing about a product,that you as a person have not used. The will, and  drive to write a better review will seem distance from you.  Therefore as an afiliate marketer, when marketing,  it is advisable to write reviews about product you have used. These will genuinely help your will to write a good review to increase marketing. The will to write can also help people to buy such products.

This method is by far the most profitable in writing reviews as it brings a better insight into the product to the readers and gives better motivations towards making purchase.

When writing reviews, use the affiliate links to the products you promote. This will encourage sales. In this method, you need a lot of traffic coming to your site to make sales.

 Building email list for affiliate marketing

As an affiliate marketer, building email list is good for marketing. Emails list still remain the best way in building online audience to your blog. My advice to you is don’t miss out on building email list for your blog, if you haven’t been doing one start right now.

Then how do you start?

There are several ways to build emails list on one blog, we shall be discussing just one of the method.

Method of email marketing

The sidebar widget of your blog is one cool place to place a call to action on your blog as a marketer. Many blogs today have clustered their sidebar with things of naught. Create a subscribe button at the side of your blog to collect email and grow your email list. This will enable you to improve  marketing.

After collecting this email list from your sidebar, every now and then, send them some incentives, free ebooks, free guides about affiliate marketing, and other interesting stuffs, packages to make them want to remain subscribed to your blog

Joint ventures on webinars affiliate marketing

When we talk about webinar; don’t get confused and worried. it is more simple than the name may soundin marketing. Have you ever gone to a seminar or any form of presentation where the presenter is in a different location, and you are in another?

A seminar or presentation that takes place on the internet, where the participants and also the presenter are all in different locations, but they can hear each other and answer questions via the internet is called a webinar.

You can now promote your webinar on social media and also on forums.  These will generate you a lot of email list for your blog.

Now you may be wandering where you can have the money to do webinar marketing………

Simply use Google hangout to do that

Benefits of using a webinar for affiliate marketing

There are various benefits for using webinar for an affiliate marketing.  At the webinar, you can showcase the product you want to promote to your audience.

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It is also great because the audience can see you and you them. They can also see the product you are promoting. These present an opportunity for the audience on the webinar to do the following;

Asked you questions about the product(s)

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Tell them the different uses of the product(s)

Inform your audience about the personal history, and relationship with the product.

Help your audience understanding and make their mind in buying the products.

Tell your audience about the certain draw backs of the products.

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Take a break and imaging how thrilled your audience will be when you are explaining the wonderful works of the products to your audience.

Ok, how do I make sales on webinar?

You have showed your audience the products you are promoting, but then, how do you make sales?

This is the simplest part of affiliate marketing. After spending 2 hours and discussing these products on webinar with your audience. Making the sale is the simplest part. Include the links to the product at the end of the webinar and send to the audience.

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He or she will not feel compelled, forced, or in any way influenced to make purchase of the product. After all you just spend 2hours explaining the benefits of the product.

Pay per click advertising.

With Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is on a whole different level of its own. It is not advisable for now.  This method involve using paid adverts on facebooks ads, Google ads, Bing ads etc to get products you are promoting to people.


Using this method is not advisable unless you have a way of making the money you used for paid adverts back

These methods will guide you on the step by step ways to becoming an affiliate. Making money with these methods is better. These 4 step-by-step guides will increase your email listing, which will encourage more convergence.

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