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Making money from your blog without advertisement

For most people, Google Adsense is the first ad network to use in monetizing their blogs or websites. Have you thought of making money from your blog without advertisement?

yX Media - Monetize your website traffic with us, adsOptimal, Chitika etc are alternatives to Google Adsense. Are you among the categories of bloggers that show no ads on your blog?

But are you willing to make money exploring and utilizing other means of making money from your site? If yes,  we will beforehand congratulate you. You are welcome…

@Loudtoall we are interested in exploring many options to making money from your sites by placing ads and also not placing ads. First, we shall be discussing on how to make money from your blog by not placing advertisements.

Here, we are sharing some of the methods, these methods when utilize by bloggers, making money becomes a thing of the past. These methods are both used by professional bloggers and non-professional bloggers alike.

Making money from your blog without investment

To have a blog is good. Why blogging is a better way of living  making life easier and cooler.

Then allow us @Loudtoall to be your guide on how to make money without solely relying on Google Adsense for advertisement on your site. Though placing ads is also a good way of making money on your website. You can actually make money from your blog using the below-listed ways

Selling eBook

Do you have a field at which you are good at? You can make money from your expertise! Yes, you can. To do this, write a book about your expertise. Affiliate Marketing: 4 Step-by-Step Guides to becoming affiliate

It may be a topic, a complete textbook or even a novel and advertise your book on your blog. This book will sell like forever as far as it appeals to people and the world at large.

This book you have written can also be published on another blog. This way, the book will be making sells not only on your blog but also on another platform like Clickbank and Amazon. What is Affiliate marketing? Things you need to know

The sales of eBook have made thousands for many blogs all over the world.

Get hired as a freelance writer

If you are blogging on a niche, and you are great at writing powerful articles on your blog, it is easy to make it as a freelance. If your writing is good, email some of the high profile blogs.

Earnings from freelance site vary and depend on some set factors. But it is safe to say you can earn from $5 to $200 from a single post.

Create a landing page on your blog, asking people to hire your services. This will go a long way in making money for you

Places to enlist for freelance writer

A freelance can make money from blogs around the world. Some of the freelance jobs need a minimum of 800 words per blog post and can pay to about $100 on a free job board.

Freelance can make this much by responding to job ads. Jobs ads are the best ways newbie in freelance use for finding jobs consistently.

Here are the jobs boards to start pitching

Blogging pro

Contena Scout 

All freelance

yX Media - Monetize your website traffic with us

Freelance writers are all over the place, write to convince your employer that you got the stuff they need.

Sell your own product or service to the world

The world is a place of infinite possibilities. Are you an expert in your field? You can offer service to people or sell your product to the world on your blog.

Thus employ your blog as a place to provide services to people, sell your product to your readers and also visitors. The advent of websites such as fiverr  has made this easier to many people.

Be a professional blogger

Become experienced in a field, or you have the expertise to start and maintain a professional blog.

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Writing compelling articles on certain topics with years of experience and good write-ups, can make such individuals professional bloggers.

Once you have established high Domain Authority  and online authority  in your field, then it becomes simple to start writing paid post for another blog.

These blogs will pay to get your expertise and what you are offering, then charging these site  that are out to hire you become very easy.

Start consultation for bloggers

After many years of writing and becoming an online authority, you can start consultation.

Make sure you are good at what you do. Make sure people can depend on you for success, advice and also direction.

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Beginning a consultation may not be very difficult as becoming a professional blogger. Because becoming a professional blogger starts first before becoming a consultant and making money from your website.

Sponsored reviews on blog

Sponsored reviews are also good ways to make money on your website. There are a number of blogs publishing sponsors reviews.  Sponsored reviews allow you to write articles or post advertiser provided content to your blog in exchange for cash. They are of two types; the articles and content re-post sponsored reviews on your blog.

But off course, how do you make money using the sponsored post? The sponsored review on your blog allows you to set the price per post.

The amount you make  with sponsored reviews varies, you can make from $5 to $500 on a single post depending on several factors on your site such as traffic, Domain Authority, site age etc.


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