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Why blogging is a better way of living

Thus why blogging is a better way of living. You are running a blog or about to start a blog? What are your reasons for blogging? Whatever your reasons are, there are benefits to blogging.

You really want to start a successful blog, make money while doing what you know best? It’s maybe the best motivating factor to start making a living blogging.

Before starting a professional and successful blog, don’t miss the real reason for blogging, although money and healthy lifestyle may play a major role in motivating you to start a blog.

Why blogging is a better way of living

It’s important to know that blogs like copyblogger  and many other blogs online are living the dream. How then, is blogging a better way to make a living?

To be honest, blogging is tough, but if you got the will, then you are a winner. It is always good to know and understand what you are getting yourself into before you start. Simply put blogging is tough, if you don’t know how.

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Earn however much you want to earn per month

Are you science inclined? If yes, then maybe you must have read about Newton third law of Motion “To every action is equal and opposite”. Once you are a blogger and know what you are doing then, making money online will become a piece of cake.


The art of blogging is very cool, you control how much you make, the money you make is entirely proportional to your desire.

In blogging, working smarter and harder is better than working for long hours. With this method, you can earn more!

During the years of blogging, if you decide to hire help, expand your brand, become more productive, no one can stop you from making a whole lot of money per month.

More so, it still up to you to decide how much you would love to make each month. First, you must just know what to blog on. Therefore choose a niche, one you can write ad not get bored.

How much would you want to make per month………………? The choice I leave to you…………

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Ways to earn money blogging

There are diverse ways to make money blogging. To make a reasonable amount of money blogging, you need to diversify your streams of income.

Diversifying your stream of income is not all about making many and unnecessary blog post. But it simply means widening your horizon about blogging.

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Widening your horizon means, facing and overcoming many challenges and adapting fast. Sincerely, it is not easy, but it has much benefit than your regular office job that is boredom.

Benefits of widening your horizon

Becoming a professional blogger is fun and it has its own benefits. These may include;

You would not be doing the same old thing every day

You will meet challenges that will help you to learn, grow, adapt, and become better

There is no nagging boss over your ears every morning making sure you meet up with a deadline.

But then how to you make money………………….?

Making that money and living that healthy lifestyle, after all, is what most of us want, (Making money from your blog without advertisementremember to create the post and published it”). This will get you started before you start running advertisement on your blog.

Blogging never gets old

If you think that blogging gets old, you are in for a ride. Yes, you have chosen a niche. Yes, you have lots of blog post on that niche. But then the more you blog, the more you want to do more!

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While you are at it, you are learning and exploring other possibilities. After all, @loudtoall learning is the first thing, then you earn.

Working online requires many skills, which are not limited to only writing a post and reading other people’s post.

With blogging, you are open to so many possibilities that you have to choose what you want to focus on, and become good at it. The least skill you need for success is your passion for blogging.

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Because once you are at it, stopping becomes impossible and a thing of naught. You are prompt to other skills, you keep asking for more

Work from any place in the world

The great thing about this is “working from any place in the world”. This is because it has removed the attachment/fixation to location. These is possible as far as there is an internet connection.

These phenomena have brought about freedom, the type you don’t get in your office. During writing a blog post, you can pause and have some time to yourself, go out with friends, and do more. The possibility of the above mentioned in an office job is like one in a million.

Blogging aid meeting amazing people

Doing what you love is good, touching lives while doing what you love is even better. One among the benefits of blogging is meeting amazing people around the world.

Touching people’s lives and giving them a sense belonging to a like-minded community.

Giving a sense of meeting  like-minded community of people, help you to have friends, people to hang out with. People, who understand and feel your pain, share your joy and in one way or another have experienced what you have experienced.

Meeting these amazing people and being surround by them, changes one’s thinking. Gives him a sense of learning about new ideas, learning how o overcome situations, challenges and problem he/she is facing.

An endless possibility comes with blogging. Inspiration comes with running a blog than living a boredom life of going to work and coming back home to your pet.

Are you motivate to start running a blog?

You may have started running your blog for some reasons, after reading this article, what was your motivation for running or starting a blog?

It is absolutely true, that it is not easy.  There are so many days of boredom. Tougher days ahead, challenges to overcome. But when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. 5 steps to proper planning of blog post

Winners never quit, they push to past their boundaries, pressing unto the mark. The mark may be, is to meet with amazing people. To make money while doing what you know best is cool and there is so much more to blogging.

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