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5 best methods of increasing Domain authority ranking

Domain authority ranking

These are the 5 best methods of increasing Domain authority ranking for your blog. Organic traffic is a game of growing Domain authority ranking. The dream of every blogger or website owner is to have good domain authority rank in search engine.

Domain authority is a phrase as important as SEO to the world of search engines. You might have already read understanding domain authority in simple English . If you did not, this your chance to read and understand Domain authority. Then allow me to shade more light on what Domain authority is.

Domain authority is the key metric in ranking a website. When it comes to ranking a website or a blog, there are hundreds of factors for determining the ranking of a blog. The higher your Domain authority ranking, the more likely you have high organic traffic to your site from search engines.

Domain authority can also be a fancy way of saying, the measure of your SEO compares to your competitors. This also helps to know the keywords you are ranking for.

Don’t misunderstand page ranking for domain ranking. They are similar, but also different in many ways. Your page rankings measure the rank of your page, and your Domain authority ranking measures the ranking of your entire Domain. Domain authority is the collection of your individual pages.

In this post, we will share with you all, 5 best methods to increase domain authority ranking of your website in no time. Before then, lets’ have a closer look @

Why domain authority ranking is crucial to your website

Increasing your domain authority ranking will eventually increase the possibility of your website to rank higher in search engines, thus organic traffic. Websites with higher rank will definitely be subjected to the following

Website with higher domain authority rankings gets more organic traffic.

Websites with higher domain authority rank higher in search results pages SERPs

Speaking of domain authority ranking, it does not come over night. It takes time to build. Building your domain authority does not come overnight. The higher the ranking of the blog, the better the domain authority of your blog.  Domain authority ranking cannot be purchased with dollars or Euro. It cannot be stolen or misplaced. Domain authority keeps growing as far as you stick to doing what is best for your site.

How Moz scores your domain?

Domain authority is scored on a scale of 1 to 100.  Scoring a domain means assigning numerical values to the domain. This numerical value determines your domain authority rank.  Domain authority rank that is 10, 20 or 30 are rankings that need improvements to better rankings such as 40, 50, 60 or 70.  Rankings from 60 and above are considered good rankings, thus this is the aim of every blogger or site owner.

Determining your domain authority score

There are over 40 different factors for domain authority ranking of any website or blog. We shall be considering some of them.

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Backlinks to your site

This is the number of backlinks linking back to your site from other sites. Putting the above statement in simple language, the links you have earned from other websites. However, you can build your backlinks by knowing the importance of backlinks in search engine optimization . Not all backlinks are equal, the quality of a backlink in search engine optimization   may differ, and this is what makes it very important, take note.


MozRank is the metric that scores the strength of your blog external links.  MozRanks is very much interested in knowing the quality of your backlinks  because quality out weighs quantity when it comes to link building.

Quality content in domain authority ranking

Content is among the basic, if not the first factor for any blog search engine rankings. After all, we @loudtoall are interested in creating quality content. A good piece of content should not fall below the required word count of 900 words. Longer articles content are more informative and educative than floppy, unorganized, scanty and un-inspirational contents.

Therefore create unique contents. Contents that will speak to people first and second search engines.

The Don’t’s of quality content

A lot of blog owners are posed with the problem of writing better contents for their sites. This is because many bloggers are in the habit of copy pasting contents. Copypasting is really bad for your site.  Keep in mind the following don’t whenever you are creating content.

First and always, don’t copy paste someone else content in your post.

Be creative and write articles that are informative and educative.

Just because you need to write 900 words, don’t go off topic when writing content.

5 best methods of increasing domain authority ranking

It is now very clear that, when talking about the 5 best methods of increasing domain authority ranking, there are 40+ factors to consider. The below practices will help you get better rankings on your site in no time. These practices are not the ultimate practice, but they will get you there.

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#1 Optimizing On-Page SEO

Search engine optimization matters for increasing domain authority ranking. To be frank, it helps in domain authority ranking of your blog. On-page optimization plays vital roles towards increasing domain authority ranking. On-page SEO techniques to boost ranking on Google’s first page guides you on how to write a perfect optimized article for your blog. On-page SEO has some technicalities, these are:

Keyword density

Keyword density is a way of saying “words or phrase I want to rank for” when doing keyword density, it should be kept between 0.5 to 1.5% and must not be more than 2.5%.  If “love” is your keyword for an article called “the way I love my mother” and the article is made up of 324 words. The keyword love should not be more than 2.5% of the total words used in the article. That’s how you do keyword density for the keyword you wish to rank for.

Choosing a targeted keyword

Try choosing a perfect keyword for your blog post that best describe the article you are writing. This keyword will easily get your article ranked.

Write title with keywords

The title of your blog post should contain the keyword from your article. The keyword(s) you want to rank for should be carefully sited at the beginning of your article title. This helps your keyword to be easily found by Google search algorithm.

Meta description

While we are still on blogger platform, Meta description was not something we focused on. Don’t make our mistakes, fill out your Meta description before publishing your blog post and make sure your focus keyword is in it. Learn how to use your meta description and how it will help your SEO.

On-page and off-page SEO are both crucial to ranking. Taking good care of your On-page SEO to get better search engine ranking. Thus increasing domain authority ranking of your site. While doing On-page SEO, you need to do off-page SEO also, thus The ultimate guide to off-page SEO in 2017

#2 internal linking of your blog

Internal linking of your blog post is always of a way of increasing domain authority ranking for your blog. By way of internal linking, you are helping your visitors to get more information about what they are looking for.

Do internal linking, by linking blog post that are similar. Linking more information about the current topic that the visitor is reading. These will also help search engines to crawl your site better and index it.

#3 Mobile-friendly website

The world is becoming a global village day after day. A huge number of internet users access the internet using their mobile-device. If your blog is yet to be optimized for mobile user, then you have a long way to go before increasing your domain authority.

Not been mobile-device friendly, will not only hurt your mobile users but will also affect mobile search engine ranking for your website. Your blog visitors will also be forced to abundant your rich content because your site did not load correctly when viewed. Your site has low mobile load speed. Try increasing page load speed.

#4 High-quality backlinks for your site

Bloggers all over the world know that backlinks are the key to a successful blog. The key to success always lies in generating high-quality backlinks. To generate high-quality backlinks takes time, but the time it takes worth it.

Webmasters and bloggers may not be patients enough to generate these links. They result into crappy ways of generating backlinks that will hunt them later in life. As well generating crappy backlinks for their site.

Good and cheap ways to generate backlinks is over time. Backlinks will come naturally if you know what you are doing. Let me share with you the best way to generate this backlinks

Share your content on social media

Social media site are best places to increase your domain authority ranking. Whenever you share a post on facebook or twitter, you reach a new audience. Depending on the quality of your article, it can also get more shares. For everyone who shares your article, the article gets more tendency of being viewed by a new audience.

Eventually, the article may get viral and drive a lot of page views for you. Encouraging blog post shares  helps the article to get to a number of audiences.

 Content is the main link builder

We are discussing best methods to increase domain authority ranking of your site. The main method to do this is to create a high-quality content. This is the method that supersedes every other method. It builds your links for your fast and better. This is the natural link builder for your blog.  There are many other safe practices to generates links to your blog and grow your domain authority. But creating high-quality contents remain the best over time.

#5 patience as domain age grows

Domain authority ranking increases over time and will continue to grow. To be honest, when we started this blog, we had zero ranking. I actually mean ZERO ranking. But this is the secret as we are now ranking 9/100 for Domain authority at the time of writing this post.

Patience as your domain age grows, your Moz ranking will also start to grow. You have to be active and keep creating good and unique contents.

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Domain age plays the vital role of how your blog is ranked. This does not mean that you should not try to optimize your site for better ranking when you know how.

Have patience, as your domain grows old by the day, so also your domain authority ranking will grow.  What do you think will be loudtoall ranking in the next three years of creative and unique writing style of content when it comes to domain authority?

Improved your writing skills for domain authority ranking

When you speak of ranking a domain, you should also try and understand that creating unique content helps in ranking your site better.

Furthermore, you should increase you publishing frequency in other to keep feeding the search engines with new and unique content. This begs the question, how often should publish new contents?

This is not a simple question to answer. There are a number of factors that will affect publishing contents on your blog. Factors such as time to create a well-researched blog post that may go viral.

Time table for creating blog post is important in order to keep track of how often you should blog. These will also give you room to make proper research using keyword tools.

Be not deceived, you can’t really create and publish posts on regular basis. But then having a time table and keeping to it can help increase domain authority ranking for your blog.

When you are creating unique and shareable contents every time, your efforts will not be wasted. There are a number of benefits that come with your efforts. They include

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You are developing good writing skills, as practice makes perfect.

Your readers keep coming back and visitors subscribe to your blog for fresh contents.

Your website traffic keeps increasing due to the influx of traffic.


Domain authority is determined by so many factors. Among these factors, the age of the domain plays a vital role in the ranking score.

Domain authority and optimization goes hand in hand. But then, try increasing your content publishing dates; as it goes a long way in helping your site to be recognized.

The beauty of any website is its traffic. Getting a good domain ranking score will go a long way to getting the desires of every blog or website owner dream come true!!


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