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How to key into Facebook 2 Billion users for Social Marketing

Facebook 2 Billion registered user

Facebook has hit 2 billion register users. How to key into Facebook 2 Billion users for social media marketing gives a clear pathway on how to make your blog visible to most search engines. How you can leverage 2 Billion registered users to promote your blog and products.

Is social marketing the right way for your blog, you may ask? Facebook Marketing is one of the best ways to make your blog noticed. Facebook is a good marketplace where you can keep getting organic traffic to your blog.

In this article, we shall be focusing on how to use a fraction of the 2 billion Facebook users as means of driving traffic to our blog. Facebook on an average day has about 800 million people liking a post , a comment or an article. About 175 million people sharing a “love” reaction on Facebook.

How to key into Facebook 2 Billion Users for social marketing

With Facebook registering 2 billion users, it is the best marketing place for your blog and your products. It is the best way to reach people all over the world with the push of a single button. It is way too easy to do it, and I will show you how to do it in no time.

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Inviting your friends

Facebook 2 Billion registered user

There are over 2 billion registered users on the social media. These registered users are connected to each other, in one way or another.  The trick here is to get all of them to share your post. You can do that by sharing your blog post on your timeline for your friends to see and help you to share to their friends.

Using Facebook ads for marketing

Facebook is no doubts the leading social media network and it has already hit the 2 billion mark. This is a great opportunity to market your blog, product, and service to the billion of people on this social media. So it can be easy to leverage the population of social media to get inbounds links to your blog and market yourself to become an online authority .

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Whatever the product is that you’d love to market,  the audience to view such a product and make the best out of it are present on the media. This booming eager audience are ever-ready to view your blog or website.

The product you want to market can be eBook, articles or even boosting your blog traffic. Facebook can do that for you in less time than Google search engine can.

Grow Facebook organic traffic

Whenever we talk about organic search, we referred to search that comes naturally from a search engine. Imagine writing a beautiful, and well-nourished blog post that encourages shares. Getting over 50+  groups share, with each group having more than 100,000 plus members, 10% of those members sharing your blog post.

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These will undoubtedly be the dream of every blog owner to leverage this number of audience within a short period of time.

Giving the people what they want

I’m sure you have spent thousands of dollars on advertising your blog/website.  Has it been working for you? Instead of making all this big fuss about the 2 billion registered users on Facebook FB. Why not give the people what they want  and see the traffic you generate using this method?

FB gives you the audience all you need is how to catch the attention of people. This entails your friends, web user and other people trying o sell their products.

Identify the Facebook market and keying  into it

Before you start marketing your business and promoting your blog, identify the market. This is bringing the most potential customer to your blog. Selling the right product to the right customer is the key.

Creating meaningless content, and excepting people to read and share is difficult is fairy-tale. Try to comprehend even if it is a little about your audience because Facebook has a large audience of 2 billion registered users.

Not all the 2 billion registered users would want to read your blog post.  The topic and the content may not be what they are looking for. Dealing with this setback, identify the market and create a befitting content that will appeal to the people. Watch your blog traffic grow.

Attracting readers and search engine alike on Facebook

Facebook 2 Billion registered user

The search engine can be the primary source of traffic to your blog.  To attract search engines and readers alike it is to write better eye-catching articles that would prompt your readers to share.

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The more your readers share your articles, the more the search engines notice signals coming from your blog. This will prompt the search engine to show the particular post in the search engine result.  This will happen every time a word, phrase or relevant keyword is searched. Thus increasing your sales and traffic

A better audience to promote yourself

2 Billion Registered users  is no joke. With your blog, you can promote yourself, become influential and sell whatever you want.

The idea is how to get about a million Facebook users to see your product, to visit your blog. These methods eliminate paying for ads on Facebook or Google ads words.

A million people from Facebook alone over time can visit your blog, that’s a better traffic to your blog with also so inbound links attached.

Leveraging  2 or 3 million people seeing your post in 4 months from Facebook alone is a game changer to your blog and product.

There are many ways in which you can leverage the number of registered users on social media to your advantage. I have mentioned but a few ways. You can do well in sharing other ways to generate more traffic from these number of people online from a single social network.




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