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How to make money with Google Adsense super fast!

how to make money

how to make money with Google Adsense is one of the super fast ways to make money online, especially if you come from Nigeria.  This is possible because the search giant has made it possible for you to monetize your site.

I will assume you have already known how to make money from your blog without advertisement , but then again if you don’t, please read on.

As a Nigerian, or someone living in a country with online restriction, making money online is a bit difficult.  But you can also make money online like the rest of the world without restriction only if you know how.

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We are here to share our experience and how we started making money online in no time. You can also do it!

There are some simple ways to make money with Google Adsense as an advertiser. Adsense is already a great ad platform; all you need to do is key-in and make the money.

At the same time, there are other ads networks like Google in the world that you can make money with them. Adsense is the best advertiser program to monetize your blog. You will soon find how to do that in no time.

There are basically 3 ways to make money with Adsense in Nigeria. These are;

# 1 Make money by placing ads on your website or blog

# 2 Make money with Adsense using videos

# 3 Make money with Adsense using Adsense sharing site

The above-mentioned are ways in by which you can make money with Google Adsense here in Nigeria. Many bloggers and website owners are smiling to the bank, you can be one of them! You can start making some passive income with any of these methods before the end of the month, as Adsense always pays at the 21st of each month.

How to make money with Google Adsense supper fast!

Like any other legit way of making money, you will need some requirement. These requirements will aid you to make money super fast.

What are these requirements on how to make money supper fast with Google Adsense?

Google Adsense account

The first thing you need is a Google account. Specifically, a Gmail account to start with. After registering the account, sign up for Google Adsense account with the same email address.

A computer and modem

One thing I respect Nigerians is that they always walk around with laptops in their bags, or carry expensive phones with them. You can actually use it to your own advantage and make money with the laptop or the expensive phone you are carrying.

Modem is very cheap, you can actually buy one as low as #3000 Naira. Buy data and start making money online.

A blog or website

Creating a blog is way easy. The first step is having Gmail accounts, which by now you have already. But if you still need a direction of the best platform to create a blog, read 4 free blogging platforms that are awesome 

Creating fresh content

Adsense or to be precise, Google need fresh content for your blog. This means that when you have a blog or website, you need to create fresh content.

Adsense will not, cannot tolerate plagiarism in any way. Many bloggers in Nigeria have faced such a problem and have lost their monthly income due to this fact.

You will have to create fresh and unique content that relates to no one. Even if you want to make money with videos on youtube you will still have to make your own videos to avoid being banned.

# 1 how to make money by placing ads on your website or blog

To start making money using this method, there are things you should now. First off, you need to understand Google Adsense account approval process. The process is boring. Once Google Adsense account approval  is done, then move to the next phase.

The next phase, is the phase of implementation of codes, if you are on blogger platform, it is way easy. But on another platform, you will have to learn how to do it. So you can start generating good revenue for your blog.

Placing Adsense on WordPress, this is possible by using a plugin. There are various plugins for Adsense, so make sure to use the best one.

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After you have done all the above, promoting your blog or website on social media is the next phase. You can know better by reading how to encourage blog post shares on social media. The more people that view your blog, the better the chances of making money from ads placed on your blog.


# 2  how to make money with Adsense using videos

I would come heavy on Nigerians when it comes to taking a selfie and making short videos am pretty sure they are better at it.

More so, Nigerians spend more time on social media, than they do on any other place am sure. Making money online comes in different ways and forms. You can actually make money online with your selfie, and the videos you make.

Create a video using your phone, or better still a good camera or any video recorder and upload the video on youtube.

It maybe a video about comedy mark angel is making millions with that method right now.  Sell your pictures here, a music video like naijaboys  . A cooking video or any form of video.

Note adult content videos are strictly prohibited.

After uploading the video on youtube, create a channel. Become a publisher on youtube and monetize your videos to start making money every month.

Sit back and relax and start seeing your videos getting you some hundred of dollars in a month. It is this simple.

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# 3 How to make money with Adsense using Adsense sharing site

Content is king. Most bloggers know this as a fact. They don’t play around with it. To make money especially when you have a blog, content is king. You need to create unique, educating, and instructive contents.

This is possible when you are on Blogger or other platforms such as WordPress. These sites mentioned, helps you to monetize your blog and start making some decent amount of dollars. Although you have to wait for so time before the money will start flowing.

Having mentioned these methods, remember that you are a Nigerian and some certain online privileges are not for you. Adsense, however, is a privilege that you can use it to make money. These are the basics way to make money online in Nigeria without pain.

Making money is the first step, then how do you cash the money you have made?

The best way to Cash your Adsense earnings in Nigeria

Adsense remain the best advertiser program for your blog  as a Nigerian. As you are running Adsense on your blog or website, be sure to keep your Adsense account safe from banned  especially because you are a Nigerian. Then use any of the below-listed methods’ to get paid.

Adsense via check

This is the first method to receive payments in Nigeria. You can receive your money via check in Nigeria. This method has various disadvantages.

When using this method, be sure to know you have a better good mailing address.  It also takes time. Time to wait so that your check can be cleared in the bank before the money is credited to your local account.

Receive Adsense via Dollar account

Though this method may seem somehow. This is the most recommended method of receiving payment of Adsense earnings in Nigeria. I would prefer you open a GT-bank account and use it for this kind of transaction in Nigeria. Simply walk into GT-Bank and ask for a Dollar account. This account will enable you to withdraw all your earnings directly into your local bank account.

Here we go! You have made all your earnings from Google Adsense. What is the next phase of action?

I will advise you spend your hard earned money wisely, using the methods you deem pleased to you. You can comment on other methods which you feel are not yet covered in this article. We love to read about it.

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