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How to keep Adsense account safe from been banned

keeping Adsense account safe

Google Adsense (GA )  is by far the best advertising program for your blog. As you think of getting an account with GA to keep your revenue coming. Also, think of how to keep your account from being banned by Google Adsense.

By far, is the best contextual and highest paying ad network. Google are the best in the business. Bloggers worldwide can attest to it. Adsense are just the best when it comes to placing ads on blogs. Though you can make money from your blog without advertisement  but Google Adsense is by far the Best ad network for your blog

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Before you feel entice and rushed into registering an account. You need to know that Google account approval process for blog is not an easy as advertised.

There are some simple mistake we  make as publishers. This are things  we do when  running Adsense on our blog. These mistakes get our site banned. How do we now avoid these said mistakes we make?

How to keep Google Adsense account safe from been banned

Adsense is very strict in their adverts policies. We can keep our accounts from been banned following some simple rules. To do this we need to understand Adsense terms of service and stop violating their policies.

Banned because of invalidity click

This is the first problem most publishers faced. Starting with Adsense, with low or little traffic may be the cause of this problem.


Most publishers may ask their friends and loved one to clicks the ads on their blog. Though the I.P of these clicks may be different, regular clicking from the same I.P would probably lead to one single outcome, been banned.

As a publisher, to avoid being banned, refrain from telling your readers and visitors to click on ads on your blog. Allow them to make the choice of doing that themselves.

Linking your blog to site distributing illegal content and having adult contents

Google is one tricky search Engine that will sniff you out giving time. Linking to blogs or website that are streaming movies, having pirated movies and contents.  Such sites with pirated software, and other files can cause your account banned. These are  list of sites you may not want to link to;

Porn sites or sites with adult materials

Violent content/racial content

Hacking/cracking/keygen sites

Casino/Gambling sites

Weapon and ammunition purchase websites

Students exams leaks sites

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The above-mentioned are examples of sites’ you don’t want to get mixed up with if you want to get the best using your Adsense account for a long time.

Buying traffic for your blog

In accordance with the terms of service for Google  Adsense, buying traffic is not permitted. Therefore, having a good organic traffic for your blog will be better. This is where learning the basics of search engine optimization  and using it on your blog becomes handy!

Let’s be clear  about one thing, promoting your blog on social media is not one of these violations.  Learning on-page SEO techniques to boost ranking on Google’s first page  can also be a good way to avoid being banned.

When using Google advertiser on your blog, make sure your contents are original contents. These contents shouldn’t be copy paste. Contents from other blogs or sites. This may automatically bring about your Google account banned.

Using unsupported contextual advertiser with Adsense

As explained, there are many other contextual ads program. These contextual ads program may not be compactable with Google Avertiser. Thus to avoid been banned, before using any contextual ad network with Google, make sure it is compactable.

Some ads program are compactable with Google Adsense. These are Infolinks, Viglink, Technorati.

Hosting Copyright contents on your blog

Hosting copyright contents on your blog or website may be hazardous to your GA account. It may lead to your account banned. These copyright contents can be in the form of Movies, songs or other files. This is because Adsense really frowns’ at copyright contents. Google is keen on fresh and unique content from publishers.

Tampering with Adsense code on your blog

Google is very strict on publishers tampering with the ads codes they generate. Google is also advising publishers not to change the layout, behavior, targeting or delivery  of the ads on your blog. As this may lead to your  account banned

You are advised to take note of the following;

Your ads shouldn’t cover contents or contents covering your ads is not allowed.

Contents and ads should n’t be overlapping on responsive design site

Distributing your ads in emails to your subscribers is not allowed

Revealing Ads data

Google have strict rules on revealing Ads Data to the public, as it has clearly started that;

You are not to reveal Google software, technology, programming, specifications, materials which may be relating to any program

Click-through rates, property performance should also not be revealed

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To any other information designated by Google as confidential should also not be revealed.

To the above-mentioned don’t. It is advisable that your Google  account should not be found wanting. This may lead to your account been suspended and if the issue remains unresolved. The account becomes banned.

Displaying more than the allowed number of ads

The most recent Adsense allowed number of ads has shown explicitly how many ads can be shown on your site. This means the number of ads per post or  ads on display.  Displaying more than the required number by code alteration, leads to your account momentarily suspended.  Get the full details here 

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Don’t create more than one Adsense account

This is the mistake made by newbie publishers.  As tempting as it maybe, don’t create more than one Adsense account and decides to show both ads on the same blog or website. This is a violation of Google Adsense terms of service. This may lead to account banned.

Google  is no doubts the best advertisement program for your blog. The Google Adsense account approval rules, however, makes it difficult to have your ads running.

This advertiser, Google Adsense is very easy to join, easy to integrate with your blog. It is the most user-friendly ad network you would want on your blog or website. Though to get an account approved may take time and may be worrisome.

If you think there is a better advertisement program, much better than Adsense please do inform us by making a comment below.

Thank you


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