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Top 6 Google Adsense alternatives for your blog in 2017

Google Adsense Alternatives

Top 6 Google Adsense alternatives for your blog is  an article that will solve your monetizing issues. Hello there! Are you a blogger or a website owner? Looking for how to make money without displaying ads on your site? Has Google Adsense banned you?  These top 6 Google Adsense alternatives for your blog in 2017 will show you how to make money from your blog.

Having a blog is one thing and monetizing your blog is another thing entirely. However, to monetize your blog with Google Adsense, it will take you ages before Adsense approves your blog.

To make a good amount of income with Google Adsense, you must have a decent traffic coming from the western world. After all the waiting and hoping, your Adsense account got banned for one reason or another.  There are alternatives to Google Adsense that will blow your mind.

But indeed why look for Google Adsense alternatives?

Allow us to tell you reasons why you need Google Adsense alternatives for your site. You need them because

Your Adsense account is banned: This is because you have violated one or two terms of service, program policies.  It is also possible that you applied for Google Adsense program and your account is yet to be approved. Google Adsense can be very annoying sometimes.

They are annoying and frustrating especially when you come from a country like Nigeria.

You are looking to make more money from your site. There are many other monetization programs like Google Adsense. These Google Adsense alternatives can make you money alongside Google Adsense. So it is better to know which ad program you can use alongside Adsense to avoid banned

Your site traffic is not responsive to Google Adsense. It is no news that some site traffic is not responsive to Google Adsense. Google Adsense Alternatives becomes your next best choice in monetizing your site.

Ad blockers: The rise ad blocker software around the world is making monetization of site’s problematic. These ads blockers are also blocking ads on mobile phones and tablets. Ad blockers are annoying on desktops as well. Making revenue from your sites becomes a problem because of ad blockers.

In any case, I’m not saying that Google Adsense is not the best advertising program for your blog . This article is also not about disapproving Google Adsense use on your site. The article is simple, an article about Google Adsense alternative for your site for monetizing. The aim of this article is to inform you of other Google Adsense alternatives in case your account has been affected by any of the above-mentioned reasons.

Let us check out Google Adsense alternatives, here we go!

Top 6 Google Adsense alternatives for your blog in 2017

#1 is my number choice when it comes to Google Adsense alternative for any site. This ad program gives you similar experiences with Google Adsense; it is our first choice for alternatives to Google Adsense alternatives. is a contextual ad program as Google Adsense. Unlike Google Adsense, is owned by Yahoo and Bing networks. They are the next best search engines in the world. Yahoo and Bing are the next things when it comes to monetizing your website and making money.

Like Google Adsense, it is the best alternative you will like for your site anytime, any day.

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There are various ads formats provided by that are similar to Adsense. Making the next best good Google Adsense alternative for monetizing blogs/websites.


The pros of is one of the top Google Adsense alternatives, with similar ads placement, policy rules and programs. Once you have used Adsense before, then you will love to use

They have different ads formats. They provide your site with ads formats for direct traffic, search traffic and also mobile traffic giving you the best in monetizing your site.

With, when your traffic comes from the US, England or from the Western world, making revenue is at peak. You make the maximum revenue with such traffic origins.

Cons of

They have very strict approval policies

Unlike Google Adsense, you must create a separate account for each of your sites.

#2 Inforlinks

The next best Google Adsense alternative is inforlinks. They are among the largest ad network in the world. Inforlinks Provide varieties of ad format for publishers. Inforlinks are famous for their in-text ad formats. This is what makes inforlinks stands out among its peers.

Inforlinks does not require an ad space, they convert words or phrase from your site into ads. When a reader hovers with the mouse on such word or group of words, they are served with ads.

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Inforlinks also have other ads formats such as in-tags ads. These ads appear as keywords block similar to Adsense. In-frame ads that appear in empty space on your sidebar

The pros of inforlinks

Inforlinks have no required ad space on your blog to show ads.

They have the easy approval of your blog.

Inforlinks have high Click through Rate CTR for in-text ads on your site.

Cons of inforlinks

Inforlinks does not pay good revenue for traffic coming from third world countries.

The in-text ads may make your site look unorganized, clumsy and full of ads.

#3 RevenueHits

This ad program works best with CPA model rather than CPM model of showing ads on your site. This makes it a good Google Adsense alternative.

CPA formats enable you to get high revenue rate. This is better than the normal Adsense impressions. Try using ReveneHits, it is said to be paying about $30 per CPM. This worth trying out, don’t you think so?

The pros of RevenueHits

Geo-targeted ads: RevenueHits ads are based on Geographical location. They Show ad with relevances of location that increases the chances of the ads being clicked.

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RevenueHits have no perquisites for sites. Approval is almost immediately. This is why applying for RevenueHits is easier, and the best Google Adsense alternatives for your site to make money.

RevenueHits have good contextual ads that do not temper with user experience of your site in general. Making it a good Google Adsense alternative.

Cons of RevenueHits

They are very strict with pages that have zero content on them. You may simply get banned if your place ads on such pages of your site.

#4 Amazon display ads

Amazon display ads is another Google Adsense alternative for your blog in 2017. Don’t be surprised, but they are one of the most popular ads for 2017 among bloggers.

Monetizing blog is the best way to make money when you are not a Merchant . In recent times, the advent of Amazon Native shopping ads and CPM based ads makes things good for bloggers. They are the best Google Adsense alternative to your blog.

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What are Amazon Native Shopping Native ads?

Amazon Native Shopping ads are quite similar to Adsense. Amazon Native shows contextual ads like Adsense. These ads are based on the content of the page. You are advised to place the ads codes on your site.

Once the codes are placed, it scans the content of the page and displays the ads accordingly to the page content based on the page keyword

Cons of Amazon Native ads

With Amazon Native ads, you make money with actual sales of a product on the page, unlike Adsense.

How it really works for bloggers

Whoever visits your site and sees the Amazon Native shopping ads clicks and see a product. You make money off that person when they make a purchase. Simply put, you make money when an individual actually buys a product.

You make 4% to 8% commission of what that person may want to buy on Amazon.  Among the cons of the Amazon Native shopping ads is that it is only available for Amazon US Programs.

#5 Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is a Pay Per Click PPC ad network that pays. They pay you a bonus every time you make a conversion. They are Adsense alternative that pays better, a must try, and see! The benefits of using Bidvertiser as Google Adsense alternative is based on PPC.

They offer varieties of ads. These include text ads, banners ads, and even mobile responsive ads formats. This permits more revenue generation to your site.

This ads network is unique, as it has various levels of monetizing your sites. It makes it a perfect alternative to Adsense for your site.

Pros of Bidvertiser

As Google Adsense show more of ads based on content, Bidvertiser shows ads based on bids. This means that the highest bidder for you site gets to display ads on your site.

What makes it a better Adsense alternative is that you get paid extra for every conversion. This conversion which depends fully on what the ads require of the person clicking it.

The ad may require things such as signup, purchase, view a video. Whatever the conversion is, you get paid for that conversion.

Con of Bidvertiser

The bidding system may have such natural opting for your site if no one is bidding because of poor metrics of your site. Please make sure you have a better metrics of site before applying for Bidvertiser.

You should also have a good amount of traffic coming to your site before applying for Bidvertiser. Though they will approve your site, get a better traffic.

#6 Propellerads media

Propeller Ads Media are specialized in monetizing blogs site in the following niches such as Entertainment, video/movies, games, dating, finances, software, and gambling. They also have some other categories that will make revenue for your sites. The above-mentioned categories are the better once.

They started in 2011 and now are among the biggest pop-under networks available for monetizing your site. They have great CPM for sites where you can make a decent income if you run one among the above-mentioned niche.

This ad network has banners, but a word of advice, stick to pop under ads. Propeller ads rock better with pop under ads. They are very good also with mobile traffic. Make sure your website is mobile responsive and friendly.

You can make up $50 per day with Propeller Ads. It solely depends on your traffic.

When it comes to making money from a site, it is better to know Google Adsense is the best way to monetize your blog  anytime.

The potential amount to make with Adsense is unimaginable.  While you are operating a Google Adsense account , or waiting for approval, be sure not to get your Google Adsense account banned  for some reasons. It is next to impossible to get back your account when it is banned, so take note.

The Google Adsense Alternatives

There are Google Adsense alternatives ad networks are all over the place and are ready to link up to you. The ads networks mentioned here may not necessarily be better than other ads networks.

We selected this few Ads programs and networks based recommendations and revenue generated by the above-mentioned ads networks.

It is also true that most of the ads networks mentioned here, you can make decent revenue with them; you need a decent amount of traffic per day. Generating traffic is the sure way of making revenue for your site.  For a few of the above-mentioned ads programs, you can also make better revenue than with Google Adsense.

Getting Google Adsense approval is a dream come true to every blogger out there. Some of you guys may actually agree with me and others would not. Despite this, it may seem ages to get Google Adsense approval and starts showing ads on your site. Adsense is still our #1 choice in monetizing a blog.



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