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Blog traffic is the best thing that would happen to your blog. A blog without blog traffic, is just a lonely web page.  But, you already know that, which is why you are working hard to drive your blog traffic.

You have been working very hard, day after day.  If no one visits your blog, how can you improve on that? Then how do you make the best out of your blog?

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Are you yearning for reliable and qualified search traffic for your blog? Read this article like your blogging life depends on it, and get the hidden facts embedded in this post.

Give your blog another opportunity to prove itself before you kill it. It’s easy to start a blog, but hard to build and monetized it for your passive income. Or rather full time income.

It will amaze you to know that you can actually make thousand of page view with a new blog. This is the art of increasing blog traffic.

We are right here with you, we will show you the possibility of getting that blog traffic. In this post, some of the methods we are going to be discussing, you know already but not from this approach.

Learning is our first priority, so we will be looking at them from completely different perspective.

How to increase your blog traffic for free

Blog is all about getting traffic. Making your blog to stand out from amidst all the thousand of blog in the world. Then how do you make your blog stand out? This is by employing some of the methods below

Blog traffic is about your content

Creating a viral content for your blog

Search engine optimized content

Find your pasture, feed on your pasture

Be consistent and don’t give up your goals

Blog traffic is about your content

Increasing blog traffic is all about creating better content than your competitors. You have heard bloggers makes comments such as “content is king”.

Am not going to dispute that fact, allow me to modify the statement. Content is king if only it holds for creating better content.

Creating a befitting and well researched content is the key. Successful blog contents are contents that meet specific needs of the people in question.

Make sure you choose your content wisely. Determining the type of content for your blog depends on your audience. Know your audience and you shall deliver a quality content to their satisfaction.

Trying to understand your audience, you need to look into Quora  . Quora will give you insight into the questions asked. Find ways to answer the questions and satisfy your audience, better than your competitors.

A visit to Buzzumo  will show you what other people are writing about in your niche. Write articles better than them. More so, by writing better, this completely give you an edge over your competitors.

Create content people would want to share and associate themselves with. Styling your content to fit into the trending time with shocking beautiful infographics, pictures and videos.

Evergreen content for blog traffic

Speaking of evergreen content, they are content that can stand the test of time. Evergreen contents live forever, it is relevant, and problem solving.

Content with catchy headlines for blog traffic 

Bloggers are always found wanting in creating a content with catchy headlines. As bloggers are needed to create headlines that are irresistible, eye catchy, to their audience. Headlines that get the customer wanting to know what you have to offer, and visits your site.

Note that, your headline should not only be irresistible, so should your content. Creating a beautiful content behind a crappy headline is dead meat. Just as you can’t show up at a dinner night with jeans and shirts, so should your content be.

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Catchy headlines and good content goes hand-in-hand. At such, evergreen contents will live forever in the minds of newbie and also professional bloggers.

Creating a viral content for your blog

Every blog owner is kin on creating a viral content. Many of these bloggers fail at this. They are failing because; they have neglected to pay intense attention to some facts.

These are the not so secrets of creating viral content;

blog traffic


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 Write great headlines

Viral content with great headlines are not so secrets any more. Is the perfect example of grabbing your reader’s attention, putting him on suspension, and making him to want more!

Great headlines is the first not so secret of viral content. Pay attention to contents that goes viral, you will notice that they have great headlines.

Readers are now willing to “read on” to find out “how to increase your blog traffic for free”. The topic in quote maybe the reason why you decided to click on the link to this blog, or maybe it is not. But it at least tends to draw your attention to this article?

Drawing the attention of a reader to your blog is your primary aim. Good headlines should do just that and encourage a click through rate.

Click through rate will help boost the chance of your article becoming viral. There is the issue of word count for each of your blog post and content that gets viral. Longer articles with word count of 3000 plus and above mostly gets viral. 2000 and below word count contents don’t get that viral.

writing in details for your readers

Your readers will have more detailed explanation to what they are after. Link building importance  becomes easier this way. Once this is done, boosting your backlinks  when readers are connecting becomes simpler. Because you have done the research and you are giving the people freely.

I sometimes wonder why blog owner doesn’t visit Quora to get the content idea they need. Type your primary keyword in Quora, generates the ideas you need and write a powerful content for your audience.

Become a competition to your competitors, a force to reckoned with in the blogging industry of your niche. An authority in your niche and keep the competition going.

Be passionate in understanding your audience and delivering the product to their satisfaction.

Understand other content and create viral content

How do you kick-start a viral post. Remember, there are thousands of blog in your niche. Use Buzzsumo to see post that has gone viral.  Get ideas from these posts and go viral.

Find tips for your blog traffic, by creating a viral content and watch the content goes viral. Find typical headlines that have the potential of going viral and make a post with them, go viral.

When finding tips for your content to go viral, I do not mean copying content and pasting it on your blog. Understand the content that has gone viral, what it has failed to explain better and write on them.

Maximizing the potential from what you have learned in the viral content and create a better content. Get more shares and go viral within minutes.

Search engine optimized content

Search engines are massive organic blog traffic source for many bloggers.  Ranking in this search engine is also an issue but yet bloggers should not neglect this method.

Utilizing this method will turn your blog traffic from zero to thousand page views per day. Google gets tens of thousands searches for the keyword “blog traffic” daily. Optimized your blog and know your domain authority ranking will go a long way in maximizing this tremendous organic search.

Take advantage of the number of search coming from search engine and optimize your blog. Optimizing your blog can be simple and complex, these all depend on your understanding of SEO.

On SEO-friendly platform like WordPress, and Drupal, information to get your blog ranking fast are available. Time and patience is what you need to get there.

Embrace SEO for your blog and start increasing your blog traffic by 80%. Customers and visitors alike will be doing most of the work for you, when you understand what you need do!

Pay attention to contents on your blog that are bringing traffic by the thousands and have them optimized. Update these topics and add value to your blog traffic, you would be surprised at the change of events.

Be not afraid of the keyword

Drupal and WordPress, have something known as a keyword. Unlike blogger, optimization becomes very easy and friendly.  Big time traffic is gotten by doing what is called keyword and content optimization. Strategies like this, when done right, help you to key-into search engine tremendous traffic.

Install SEO by Yoast and optimize your keyword, your content and start ranking for them. We care about keyword on Loudtoall, that’s why we are ranking.

Bing, Google and Yahoo search engines are driving tons of traffic per day on so many keywords. Trust me, you would want to use keywords and get the piece from the pie without paying for traffic. Advertisers pay for more search, thus increasing the number of searches exponentially.  You need to key into it and get a piece of the pie.

Researching your keyword begins first. Keyword planner can be used to make the research and understand the search volume of the keyword.  Semrush is a paid tool, easier to use, and not free.

Including a long tail keyword

Targeting long tail keyword should be your first priority. Long-tailed keyword, are phrases that you can easily rank for in search engines. Less competition is found in long tailed keywords.

Increasing your chance of better ranking for the word in search engine result page SERPs is your best bet. Focusing on what your niche is and ranking for such a keyword would be better for business.

Ranking with Search Engine Result Pages SERPs really matter when you are blogging. Personally, when researching a long tail keyword on Google free search.  Pages upon pages shows up, contextual data about the key word will also show up. Virtually, there are other authoritative blogs that are ranking for the long tail keyword you want to use.

benefits of long tailed keyword

By researching and writing better SEO friendly content about your keyword. Gradually you will start ranking for such a keyword. Long tail keywords will definitely get you the following;

Long tail keyword will definitely get you ranked for a searched phrase.

 Using long tail keywords like “increasing blog traffic “ is better than using keyword like “blog” “traffic” or even “blog traffic”.

This is because increasing blog traffic is a better phrase typed in search engine than just” blog”.

When employing long tail keyword in your research, carefully look through Google search queries for suggestions. Suggestions from these Google queries are very effective for increasing blog traffic.

For some long tail keywords, it is close to impossible to rank for them, but then, you can rank for them.  Get the attention of the reader by making the headline interested. “How to increase your blog traffic for free!”  Most individuals want the piece of the free pie and that’s what you are offering.

Finding and hunting your flock down

Promoting your blog is very essential and you need to be strategic about that. First, you have to understand how to find your flocks.  Dip your feet and remain standing when you find your flocks. Hunting them down on every social media will be rigorous and very difficult.

Stick with a single social media and get the best from all your flocks. Interact with them, listen to them and write great articles to answer their needs. If possible also their wants in the field of blogging and the lifestyle it brings along.

Do your best and find them on a single social media and give them the best they need. Extend to forums, where they talk more about your niche and become a powerful contributor. Draw the influx of traffic from the forum by becoming an authority.

 Go all in

Going all in means, first, find your flocks; give them their heart desire to its fullest.  Curiosity kills the cat, so it is said, give them the curious headlines they are after with a rich content.

At some point, to get what you want just ask people to share your article on social media so you can get the number of page views you want.

Be consistent and don’t give up your goals

Big blogs Like copyblogger  have been consistent in blogging for a very long time. After 6 months of constant blogging, one thing remains constant. You have to be consistent to make the best in blogging.

Consistency in blogging is as crucial as having a beautiful content and eye-catchy headline for your blog traffic. I’d guess, there are many newbies that are thinking of quitting their blogging journey already. Good news, goals in blogging come in diverse ways.  Simply giving up after weeks or months of blogging is not the answer.

Earning blog traffic is not achieved in a day. Time, perseverance, consistency and never giving up will get you there.  Authoritative blogs start from where you are right now. They continued and they made it.

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Why can’t you do the same,  are you feeling lonely and the work load is too much? Sing the song “together we made it“ maybe you will feel better and do what men do!. Be consistent in blogging and never look back, you will continue to learn every day.

Learning begot experience, experience begot understanding, and understanding begot wisdom. Then you can start experimenting with new methods to increase your blog traffic.


All the above-mentioned blog traffic strategies have proven to be factual. Anyone in this industry promising you overnight result in any of the above-mentioned ways, they are literally blowing it out of proportion.

Patience and perseverance will be the key to your success in this industry. Start learning how to uphold your passion and write articles that are rich in contents, not quantity.

I would also want to stress on the fact that the quality of your content is the key to these overwhelming methods of increasing blog traffic.

Writing a lengthy content is not the key to success in blogging, but it helps to give you an edge by presenting so many keywords in place. Words that can get you ranking.

Are there others ways of increasing blog traffic that I have not yet mentioned? Or not explained better?  We will love to read your own views about them.


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