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How to start a blog & make money from your blog

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How to start a blog is way easy. I think we will all agree with this. Then comes’ the hardest part, starting a blog that actually makes money.

But then, are you willing to start a blog and actually makes money from it?  If yes, then you have come to the right place. Many have struggled to start a profitable blog and have failed.

Where they have failed, you shall succeed. Why would you succeed? Because success is a mindset. Believe and work hard.

Are you still having a doubt about success? Is it impossible to start a blog and make money from it?. All you need is some time and effort.

We are giving you a free invitation, to start a blog. I will be teaching you the steps you can take and make your blog a successful one. Patience and a little hard work is all you need to become successful.

Blogging is becoming a trend on the internet. It does not matter, if you are on blogspot ,  or even on Tumblr. What matters is that you have a blog and want to make money from it.

There are many reasons for starting a blog. The reason at this point does not matter. What matters is making money from the blog.

To start making a decent amount of money from your blog, you need to take blogging to the next level.

This level is known as the level of a professional blogger. You can also be a professional blogger. The truth is, there is some work to be done. This work gets you the money.

What you are going to learn

There are several things we will look at before we can proceed. Looking at it in the order to how it comes. What should come first, second, third …. And what comes last. Start a blog with unique monthly visitors and page views. Getting the required unique visitors, monetize your blog and make money from it.

How to start a blog and make money from it

How to start a successful blog

Blogging platform to start a blog

Niche blog for making money

Learning search engine optimization

Getting your blog to the social circle

How to start a blog and make money from it

Reasons for starting a blog may vary. These reasons motivate you to start a blog. Or want to start a blog. Start a blog because of the passion you have for what you love to do.

Imagine if Michael Jackson father asks him to be a boxer, Mohammed Ali father asks him to be a dancer. It may turn out to be a shame to both their parents.

When thinking of starting a blog, forget the money first and focus. Focus on what you love doing best. The money will gradually come your way. Never let the money be the primary purpose of starting a blog.

Work hard and push limits to start a blog 

Most youths of today, we fail to see the importance of working hard for success. Try meeting the old folks, sit with them, and ask them the one question to success.

These old geezers will advise you to work hard, and if you are, then try harder.

Try harder till you succeed! Why try harder to succeed. It is just like the three P’s governing mathematics. The first “P” stance for PATIENCE.

Don’t be fooled by blogging lifestyle

Blogging lifestyle is deceiving. Please don’t be fooled by that lifestyle and think blogging is a bed of Roses. Sorry if that’s the notion you carry. It is not.

The surface may look like that. These bloggers are actually putting in many hours. They are both burning the light of the day and the candles at night before arriving at the point of telling you, what they make in a month.

It may appear they are making money, but in reality, they have put in effort beforehand to get where they are.

Illusion is the lifestyle portrayed by bloggers. Underneath this flashy lifestyles is grueling hard work and great personal sacrifice.

It worth it!

How to start a successful blog

Having a passion for a blog is a start. A successful blog needs more than the passion for starting the blog. Having a successful blog is the madness every blog owner is into. Lots of people are into the madness of how to start a successful blog.

Finding out the order to this madness, you can become a successful blogger in a short time by paying attention to

What is the point of having a blog?

What is the purpose of the blog you want to start? What would your blog offer better than your competitors? Where would your blog go to? How far should it go?

Questions keep coming. Answering these questions from the get-go defines the order to the state of madness everyone is into.

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The madness of been successful in blogging, and making money from it is the dream of every blogger.

When we first start loudtoall, we are hoping to create a source of income to aid our studies. The growth of loudtoall is slow and steady.

At some point, we intended quitting, and then we understand what we are lacking. The purpose of our blog, “For all to know & learn” quitting means defeat, so we went back to studies and we learn what we need to be successful at these blogging business we are in.

The experiment was born into life

Reading articles from places such as problogger, gave us the idea to what we are lacking.

So we decided to experiment with creating unique content. ADAWA VICTOR a friend explains to us the act of creating educative, unique content.

These change our perspective to what blogging is all about.

Quality content and the art of creating trust in the hearts of our readers become our sole purpose to reaching the people that are interested in becoming successful bloggers.

Experimental method in blogging is very slow. But then it yields results. These results now become a trending method in the blogging industry.

What do we have to offer that our competitors are not offering? We are indeed offering a better content. Content that is rich in what works. Relevance, updated ways of getting your customers and visitors satisfied.

In the near future, we hope that our blog should go wide and far into the blogging industry. These and more we are offering.

Understand that a successful blog in the blogging industry makes a difference, you must be unique. You should have a better angle of approach. To have a better view, you need to experiment. Out of experiment comes a new method. A method that will become a trend in the blogging industry.

Blogging platform to start a blog is a platform where anyone can start a blog. This platform is good for a complete newbie in the blogging industry.

On blogger platform, you can start and learn the basics and proceed to WordPress if you want to continue and enjoy blogging.

We also started on the blogger platform. Now on WordPress. At blogger, we begin by learning. Learning what blogging is all about in the first place.  Growing it and then hosting it with GoDaddy.

Many blogs around the world are using WordPress, after learning the basics on, move to WordPress. WordPress can bring out the potential in you.

Niche blog for making money

Most people starting a blog, make their first mistake here. Niche, a niche in layman langue is the term used to refer to the topic you are writing on.

Put in another way, your blog should be specific. Focus on a single topic and write. Become an authority on such a topic and stop mixing topics all over the place.

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Take, for example, if your blog is about “fat cats”, don’t go writing articles about “politics”. This is counter-productive. They are two distinct topics.

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Remember when we speak about “passion”? Stick to what you love doing. If you are good at writing about “fat cats” write about them. Stick to the cat family and don’t move into the politics business.

Don’t run about niches because they are making money. Stick to what you love and the money will start coming your way.

The reason for a newbie to start blogging on is because they need to learn the basics. While blogging, you may feel tempted to digress from your niche to another.

So start on blogspot and become good at it before moving to WordPress and perfect what your passion is all about.

Selecting a niche is the first step towards starting a blog and making money from it.

Learning search engine optimization

Search engine optimization SEO is one tricky thing you will learn continually. SEO is basically some sets rules and guidelines you are expected to learn in order to get your site well ranked.

Learning SEO starts with SEO the basics . This is how search engine gets to rank your sites. Search engine gets to find things on your blog or website by employing what SEO is.

Though believe it or not, while you are on blogger platform, SEO is slow. On WordPress, Optimization is the best way you can rise to rank in search engine.

Optimization is easy despite popular views. It is quite easy to learn. In learning search engine optimization, there are On-page SEO techniques that will get your site ranking in Google first page 

There are so many things to learn, as there is On-Page SEO, and also Off-Page SEO guides to get your site ranking.

It should be noted that SEO is not static. It changes as season does. What works today may not work tomorrow. But some remain constant. Learning the constant and start with them. They are the key to a successful blog and making money from blog.

Getting your blog to the social circle

How does social circle help your blog you may ask? Remember, this article is all about how to start a blog and make money from it. Before you start making money from your blog, your blog must have the required paid views.

To get the required paid views, you need to socialize your blog in the social circles like Facebook, Twitter. Get the images on your blog to pin on Pinterest.

Get your article to a place like Reddit and StumbleUpon, these sites will get you the organic traffic you need for your blog to grow. After all, your article needs an audience to read and appreciate it.

Generating blog traffic for your site

Generating blog traffic is another pain for most bloggers in the world. A blog without traffic is trunk “A” road without vehicles.

To actually make it with your blog, traffic is the key. In order to make this happened, look for what works for you. Stop thinking link building strategies for your blog at this time. If you are “3-Days Link Building Secrets You Have Never Heard Of” is the first thing to start with.

In traffic generation, there are some things we should be considering. They are

Plan for your traffic and start a blog 

It is amazing how people go about their blogs without planning. The basic truth is that planning takes time and most people don’t want to spend much of their time in planning.

How can you succeed when you don’t plan? Spend some time and plan your traffic. As you are doing these,  take note that keyword research is not planning.

Focus on getting traffic to your blog. Find what works for you and stick to it.

Setting your blog to meet the people

Initially, we said something about having passion. You need passion to write a beautiful and well-nourished content. Have a purpose, a brand and have an idea about who your audiences are.

Create for your audience the content they need. Deliver the exact same value they need, not the overall value they need. Values that are welcoming to both the customer and visitor to your blog.

Create a relationship between you and your site visitor. This relationship you are creating brings such a visitor back to your site and finally makes them a customer.

Visitors becoming full-time subscribers to your blog

People find your blog post through a search engine, Facebook shares, Twitter re-tweet, and much more ways. It is the quality of what you are offering that creates a relationship and subscription.

Relationships are builds over time. When a subscriber hit the subscribe button, they are saying I love to read more from your blog.

Make your blog easy for people to subscribe for your articles. Treat each and every subscriber with the respect you would to every person.

Each subscriber is a real person, build trust with such a person and never abuse that trust.

Social shares as means of traffic

It is no news now that Facebook has hit 2 billion  active users. Imagine the number of people you can create trust with them.

Facebook alone has 2 billion active users. Google plus, twitter, and other social media are there for the taking. These means, developing trust with people will enable your articles to be shared over most of the social network in the world for free.

Social media shares are also helping to boost content all over the internet.   The more people share your content, the more the traffic to your blog.

More traffic!

Figuring that you need more traffic to make money from your blog is no rocket science. Every single visitor to your blog has the potential of bringing another person.


Each and every single visitor to your blog can be a potential advertiser of your site. This can be done by sharing.

The most effective way of getting more traffic is by sincerely asking your blog visitors to share your articles on social media and forums. Sharing is the most effective way.

Traffic is not only by adverts, or organic traffic. Traffic can be gotten using the above-mentioned methods.

Monetizing your blog

The final stage of blogging is practically making money from your blog. Making money is one of the big drivers of starting a blog, most of you will agree with me on that.

Start a blog and make money through your blog is the drive that wakes us up in the morning. Making money should come as a secondary option though.

But then, we all love having money in our banks. Let’s make that money.

In making money through your own blog, we can as well as look at it in the following ways.

Placing adverts

Ads space sale

Products review

Create your own product and services

Before you go on, the above-mentioned is based on your niche. It is different for every niche. Make sure you are using the one that best suits your niche.

Placing ads on your blog

It is the simplest way of making money with your blog. Although this method requires you to have a lot of traffic, yes lots of traffic.

Google Adsense should be your first priority when placing ads on your blog. Adsense is the best advertiser program for your blog. No doubts that Adsense has delaying issues when it comes to account approval  for blog.

Google Adsense has strict policies, so make sure to keep your Adsense account safe from been ban . Now you can start making income from the ads displayed on your blog.

Ads space Sale

This is probably the best way of making money on your blog. The easiest way of doing this is having tons of traffic.

Traffic is the key to making money online. Make sure you are having tons of traffic to your site before selling ads space on your site.

Ads space is the space on your blog that someone different can put his adverts on your site. This is possible because of the tons of traffic coming to your site.

Product reviews

This way of monetizing your blog is by writing product reviews. There are many people in your niche with products. Write a good product review and help them sell.

Some of the people in the same niche with you will pay you to write reviews about their products. For every review of product, and make a sale you get a certain percentage.

Product review as a way of making money is best explained by affiliate marketing.  Understanding affiliate marketing step by step  can help you build a lasting way of how to start making money online.

Since your blog is niche related, try asking around some your favorite blogs and see if they have affiliates schemes you can use in making money.

Create your own product and services

Bloggers have a lot of things that they can bring to the table better than their competitors. If you feel you can, bring it on and turn it into a product. You can bring some of the below listed better than your competitor

Freelance consulting for blogging tips.

Coaching newbie to becoming better at blogging

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Mentoring people like Adawa Victor

Creating eBooks for people

Make videos course for blogging tips

You can actually do more when it comes to your own product and services. Create a product, brand the product and sell the product to increase your online profile and domain authority .

Creating your own product and service, these adds also a level of credibility to your online profile. Are you willing to put the abilities you have about blogging to the test?

Make that money on your blog

Wow! You have made it all the way here. You are welcome

This has really been epic with you. Starting a blog and knowing how to make money from the blog. Sincerely, to start a blog is way easy.

To drive traffic and start making money with it is the main challenge. Following the methods that are listed above, making money is easy.

There is a simple challenge to it. You have to be true to your goals. To do this, you need to remember your passion for blogging. Stay true to your purpose and become good at what you do.


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