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BlogSpot SEO Tips for bloggers newbie

BlogSpot SEO tips for bloggers

Blogspot SEO tips for bloggers is a post dedicated to bloggers on Blogspot. It is important that most bloggers should start their blog on blogger, grow the blog before moving to WordPress or any other platform.

There is a lot of limitation on Blogspot, but with the right idea, you can build a better blog. limitation on BlogSpot is just there to guide you on how to create a better blog.

Many BlogSpot SEO guides you find on the internet are based on templates editing. These editing can only be done if you have the idea of editing templates, but what if you don’t?

BlogSpot SEO Tips for bloggers newbie

Since BlogSpot is a free blogging platform to start a blog. How can BlogSpot SEO tips for bloggers be effective? I am not here to disappoint my friends on blogger platform, but to assure them to make good use of the platform before migrating to WordPress.

The good news about blogging on blogger is that it is free, that’s why it has limitation. You can effectively manage the free platform before moving to WordPress.

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Let me assure you that you can also optimize your blog on blogger, and increase your traffic for free As your traffic is increasing, you can make money without ads on your blog. To do this, there are some simple tricks you need to know.

Useful BlogSpot SEO tips for bloggers

Search engine optimization may be a new term for you, it is actually not so difficult. SEO the Basics give you a general overview of optimizing your blog.

Some of the aspect of optimization we can control is the on-page search engine optimization. Off-Page SEO, we can’t really control it. All the above-mentioned technique is to make the blog search engine friendly.

Without making your blog search engine friendly, driving the required traffic to make a decent living can’t be possible. Blog traffic, SEO, keyword density and word count are some terms that you will get acquainted with in this article. Let’s now consider the first on our list, that is

 Keyword density for BlogSpot SEO tips for blogger

Speaking of keyword density is as important as optimizing your site itself.  Less keyword density will definitely lead to less ranking, and overstuffing the keyword will lead to over-optimizing your article.

Using the right amount of keyword density gives your blog a better ranking. Furthermore, BlogSpot SEO tips for bloggers consider between 0.5% to 2.0% of keyword density for each post. Ideally, stuffing keyword more than 2.5% in your post will definitely give you a bad ranking.

Publish your articles with the right keyword density, and you can get better ranking.  Analyze your blog post, making sure that your keyword density is between the above-mentioned range before hitting the submit button.

Your keyword density should be maintained not for a single blog post, but for all blog post. Such a ritual should be maintained to get the site better ranking in no time.

DoFollow and NoFollow links

DoFollow and NoFollow attributes on blogger are not fully utilized. Utilizing this links can increase or decrease your site drastically. Search engine loves to crawl site internal and external links. To prevent the search engine from crawling site you don’t want to be crawled, use the “rel=nofollow” attribute. For the site, you will love search engine to crawl, you can use the “rel=dofollow” attributes.

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BlogSpot comment section

Commenting section on your blog is one area you should take precautions. BlogSpot commenting section should be a nofollow; this is to avoid spammy comments. This is because spammy comment(s) are bad for good SEO.

Google+ is a fast-growing network. Utilizing how to make the best of Google+ by enabling the share button to increase blog post share.

BlogSpot post URL 

URL is an acronym for Uniform resource locator. Post permalink plays a great role in search engine. Although most people don’t know, there are dos and don’ts with permalinks.

Remove stop words such as “A, an, The” from your permalinks. As soon as you come on WordPress, you can understand this better.

Post title characters should be kept around 50.

While on blogger, you have the option of editing your permalinks. Use the opportunity to remove the stop word from the permalinks to enhance good search result on blogger.

Customizing your permalink can go a long way in making search engine optimization very simple.

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Why BlogSpot SEO tips for bloggers

I am proud to say it; blogging was actually fun for me when I started on blogger platform. Learning was never part of what motivates me, it was the money. On the road of trying to be a successful blogger, I found am lacking the expertise.

My skills and desire to do more are actually growing at an exponential rate. To my fellow bloggers that are starting their blog on BlogSpot, it should be noted that they can actually do better on WordPress.  They should us blogger platform for learning. After they have learned one or two things, they should move to WordPress.


Experiencing the difficulties in blogging is very bad. A guide and a little push can propel you in many ways to become good at what you do.

It is going to be counter-productive for me not to give back little to what I have learned while being still on blogger platform. Giving to the people and letting the people know after all is the best thing that has happened to my blogging career.

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If you really want to blog, come to WordPress.

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