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How to write a quality blog post in 45 minutes

how to write a quality blog post

How to write a quality blog post in 45 minutes 

Have you ever wondered how to write quality articles in 45 minutes and go viral? How to write a quality blog post in 45 minutes is the article that will teach you how.

This article will show you the exact steps to come up with an article and get the ranking you want. Before we go on, it is important to know that, there are times you are full of energy and ideas to write a blog post. Other times, well I believe you know what I mean.

It really happened to us all, even to the best of us! So what should we do? We need to pull through and bring the best out of the situation, feelings and lack of morals we have.

Sometimes when you feel you are burned out, you compile a lot of junks and dumped them on your blog. They are contents, but you are needed to write a quality blog post.

Bloggers and content marketers alike, procrastinate about writing the perfect content. Contents that give their subscribers the test of their money and then “I don’t have time to write quality content comes to play”

We are here to understand how to put “I don’t have time to write quality content” to the grave once and for all.

How to write a quality blog post in 45 minutes

Okay, coming up with the single and most powerful punch that is powerful to write a quality blog post is the power of success. Writing in it own sense is fun, how to write a quality blog post makes it more easier so you can write well. Start a blog write and make money from it 

The power of success

Success is the most powerful tool that is used in packing up a strong punch to write a quality content in 45 minutes. I would not argue the fact that I sometimes feel tired of writing contents.

Sometimes I keep procrastinating when and how to write content. My blog traffic starts declining, and then I understand the power of success. To tackle the problem, I decided to take ten minutes to write every day.

Writing daily becomes a ritual, because I have made up my mind to become successful, I understand the power of success.  Instead of taking 10 minutes to write I end of writing for an hour or more per day.

Is your default settings success? Create a mindset of success and become successful in creating powerful quality contents in 45 minutes.

 The fear of failure

Failure and success are two sides of the same coin. Where there is a success, there is also a failure. Failure is a concept, most people don’t want to be associated with.

Have the mindset of been successful, success will come your way. Persuade yourself every day, sit by your computer and write about and ideas you have in your head.

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Be afraid to fail, cultivate the habit of becoming a winner, although not winning at all cost. Win because you have the mindset of “I am not a failure” wining becomes easy.

Why blogging is a better way of living


Secrets to writing quality blog post

Awesome typing skills may become a factor when writing a blog post. That’s not what we are considering, rather how to write quality content in a short period of time.

Articles are writing based on what is called keyword(s). Researching and chosen your keyword comes first before writing a blog post. Niche related articles have competitions, researching your competitor’s keyword should come first.

Though you can type 800 words in 20 minutes does not give you an edge compared to your competitor. Buttressing a fact, the fact you need to research your keyword and gather related ideas before writing an article.

Do your keyword research, find facts, broadens your knowledge before you commence writing an article for your blog. Now you have researched your keyword thoroughly and you are contented with what you have discovered. Spy on your competitors and get an idea about what they know.

Spy on your competitors to write quality blog post

You are not alone in your niche if you are a niche related blogger. Now is the time to spy on your competitors and know what they know, so you can do better.

Become better than your competitor in terms of

Approach angle

Un-discussed areas in the blog post

Word count of your blog post

Reader’s perspective of blog post

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Writing the article from the reader’s perspective

Quality is important as much as word count. For obvious reasons, quality is highly rated than word count. Your competitor has writing a well-researched article and have good SEO on his site. Then, how do you create a quality content that outranks your competitor? To create better content than your competitors, you have to visit their comment section, study the comment and know where your competitor comes short. Capitalize on their weakness and make it your strength, and also refer individuals from you competitor comment section to your own article.

Get the details of the unanswered questions from your competitors, in a skeletal form, by writing every day.

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What have you done so far?

Finding a keyword,

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Reading related blog post about your keyword

Spying on your competitors to know their weakness and using it against them to your advantage.

With the above-mentioned conducted on daily basis, you have gathered the required idea to drop a killer content. Next morning or anytime you are free, sit back and combine all skeletal articles together.

Consistency every day in researching for just 10 minutes have given you the idea of what type of content you can create. Add a video to your content if possible for more clarity.

Videos should be short and concise for readers to understand. Link the video and the content together.

Edit your work and re-check again

After combining all your skeletal post into a single article. In a perfect world, how to write a quality blog post is done. Editing the article to correct all the mistakes and grammatical errors on the article should not take more than five minutes of your time.

Since, you are not on a deadline, or pressured to hit the submit button, I recommend you to take note of the following before posting your article.

Look at your subheaders and edit them.

Ensure your introduction is compelling, this will, in turn, keep the reader reading.

Meta description for your blog post should also contain the keyword.

Promoting your blog post on social media

Social media is one place many people love to spend most of their time. Forums and another place to meet people are also a great place to share articles you have writing.

Make it a point of view to share your articles on social media too, so people can read and comment on the articles you have writing. These people are here to make sure you know how to write a quality blog post. How to key into Facebook 2 Billion users for Social Marketing 


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