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The difference between marketing and advertising

difference between marketing and advertising

The difference between marketing and advertising has also been eluding many people. You often find many people confusing marketing with advertising and advertising with marketing. But then, there is a difference between marketing and advertising. There are many people out in the world that thinks marketing and advertising are one and same.

Luckily for such people, we are here to make certain that the idea is well explained. Difference between marketing and advertising comes in terms of marketing as a discipline and advertising as a branch of marketing. These component, marketing, and advertising are very important in promoting affiliate and a merchant  in business. So knowing the difference between marketing and advertising can go a long way in making money online.

Honestly, marketing and advertising are closely related, that you can actually make the common mistake of saying, but they do. Reviewing the formal definitions of what marketing and advertising are can shade more light on the topic.


Advertising, this is a paid or non-paid process of announcing in a message or product persuasively to a person, a group of persons or a community.

Advertising is an activity done with the sole purpose of persuading a person, or a group towards buying a product or service. It is a technique of reaching a large number of people through a single message.

In advertising, it can be done by a single person, or a company through channels such as ads, on internet search pages, ads on radio, television, newspaper, magazines, banners etc.

During advertisement, the company or person doing the advertisement wants the information to reach a lot of audiences. Therefore, targeting the medium the information can reach the people very well.

Social media such as Facebook become the most targeted place for an advertiser to showcase their products and service to the people. Sometimes advertisements are done to clarify certain notions not necessary persuading the buying of a product. Thus awareness advertisement.

Why the social media, this is because it is the prospective place where a potential customer(s) can be at that time. Reaching the people at the place of comfort and communicating the product to them in other to make a sale.

Wrapping it up, what is advertising? Advertising is the process of communicating a new product, a service with the aim of persuading the person or group of persons to buy.


Marketing is full of processes, planning, and implementation. First, let’s indulge in the formal definition of marketing.

Marketing is the processing of systematic identifying, planning, implementing, delivering and controlling product/service activities in a business with the intention of making sales.

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When you speak of marketing, it is more than just advertising a product or service. Let’s dives more deeply into understanding how to design the product or service to reach the people it is intended for!

After reading both definitions, it is clear that marketing encompasses advertising a product or service. Considering the various components of marketing, I think we have to look,

 Place of production 

Product produce

Price of product or service

Promoting the product

Sales of product or service

Place of production

Taking the mobile phone company, for example, Samsung phone ( put a link for Samsung sell at triple click). Samsung is not produced in Africa but Samsung phones are shipped to Africa for sales.

Africa the dark continent for some reason becomes the very place to market mobile phones. Place of production is now a considering factor when producing a product, these a marketer would have to put into consideration but an advertiser would not.

Product produce

Samsung mobiles phone are products that are produced by the Samsung Company.  Phones are produced to address certain consumer demand, that’s why most WEST AFRICAN countries especially Nigeria. Thus,   becomes a marketing ground for Samsung, Techno, and another mobile phone.

Nigerians are good consumers of products, that’s why the mobile phones market is booming in the sub-Saharan giant. Before a product is deployed into the market, a market survey is conducted. This is to ensure that the product is sold, and it also meets the demands of customers before it is faced with new models.

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Price of the product

Unfortunately, most companies now don’t worry so much about the price of their products. Products and service go to the highest bidder. Price is the amount a customer is willing to pay for a product or service.

Generally, the price tag on a product defines the company success in terms of profit making and survival. The higher the price, the lower the demand for the product, this is why Samsung is not selling in Nigeria like Techno.

Favourable prices make the product affordable thereby increasing sales. But then, the price may be favourable and product or services are not bought due to a new competition in town; Samsung VS iPhone.

Promoting the product

Product promotion is the arm of marketing that are responsible for boosting the brand to meet people’s recognition so as to make sales.

Product promotion may include the services of public relations, advertiser, and sales promotion. Adverts are made by advertiser; this is the primary function of an advertiser. An advertiser is an element of marketer which solely deals with promoting products or services for the company to make sales.

Sales of product or service

Furthermore, when the all the above-mentioned steps are taking and the product is been promoted, the company now make sales of their product. Sales bring about success, the success of a product, profit, and survival of the company the produce the product.

The difference between marketing and advertising

We have gone through the formal definitions of what marketing and advertising are, now what are the difference between marketing and advertising?

A marketer or marketing deals with place, production, promoting and making the sale of product or service. Promoting is the only place mo concerned by an advertiser or advertising.

The object of a marketer is increasing sales of product/service in any business oriented company. Customer persuasion is the expertise of any advertiser in a company.

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Creating a market for the product and building an online or off line reputation for the company is the business of a marketer. Public awareness, attention seeking to create convergence is the expertise of the advertiser.

Organizing, planning, implementation and recurrence over a long time for the company and the product is what marketing is. On the other hand, an advertiser is just there to create awareness within a short period of time and go away.

The lines are crossed!

Many believe that there is no difference between marketing and advertising. In this dispensation of the digital age and social networking, the lines are crossed. Ad space on a blog, a website are used to displace ads to achieve best results, thus you can be a marketer or an advertiser.

Right strategies to advertisement and marketing are now becoming blurry as individual are leveraging social media to meet their targets. Understanding marketing and advertising can help you to be focused on becoming a marketer, an affiliate marketer or an advertiser to maximize profit.

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