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5+ High paying affiliate program to make money from

high paying affiliate program5+ High paying affiliate program to make money from

Making that money is the mindset of every blog owner, there are 5+ High paying affiliate program that could get you the money you are looking for.

Internet marketing is the most amazing way to make money in this dispensation. You can make the money through selling a physical product, a digital product, social media management, advertising for other blogs, consulting as a professional blogger, sponsored post and above all these, you can make the most money by affiliate marketing.

African countries, especially Nigeria is yet to grasp the full potential of affiliate marketing, and as such, many bloggers, website owners are yet to explore affiliate market to make money.

Africans are yet to explore this, maybe it because, high paying affiliate programs is yet to pay most of them. It may be also because many bloggers don’t really understand what it takes to make money online.

The lack of understanding and interest in exploring other means of making money has completely left Africans behind on affiliate marketing programs. learn  steps-by-step ways of becoming an affiliate marketer 

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Google Adsense, private advertisement, sponsored post has remained the main source on making money online…… thus we can change all that through 5+ high paying affiliate program.

5+ high paying affiliate program to make money

Making money from advertisement is great, though it has its own flaws. Tons of traffic is the only way to make money from placing advertisement by Google Adsense.

Though placing advertisement by the Search engine giant Google Adsense has been appealing to many bloggers, it does not fall into the category of high paying affiliate programs.

Thus, high paying affiliate program come in handy. There are several affiliate programs over the internet; we shall be considering high paying affiliate programs.

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Every business is built on success, so to be a successful blogger and make a decent living online because high paying affiliate programs are your best bet. Maximize the hiding potential of high paying affiliate program in making money.

Knowing high paying affiliate program and utilize the potential by directing people to products that they are already familiar with.

Nigeria is a country open to high paying affiliate program all over the world. In this article, we will dive deep into affiliate programs open to countries like Nigeria. India and other Asian countries are also facing this problem. Read on to know more.


Udemy a vast web platform, in fact, one of the world’s largest online tutoring platforms for learning almost every course. They have highly valuable materials that are put together by highly trained and experienced instructors.

Learning on Udemy is simplified and cheap. Are you looking forward to learning online at a cheap and affordable price, Udemy should be your first pick.

Courses in Udemy are far better and more intuitive, proportional to the value of money paid and extra. Living in a third world country, like Nigeria, Udemy should be your first pick to learn almost everything.

Online course are Udemy primary goal, they also run a high paying  affiliate program which pays 40% of whatever they got the lead for. 40% is no small money. Be motivated and give them a try.

Example if you got them a lead that pays $100, you automatically make $40 for a single sale or lead.  Through LinkShare , Udemy runs high paying affiliate programs.

With Udemy having most of their course running for about $200, by landing 50 people per month to register and take those courses, you make $4,000 revenue. Isn’t cool?

How LinkShare works

Like most affiliate programs, Linkshare is not so different. Register with them and start making money with them. Money making has now become very easy and way better than the days of old.


Instagram lovers, you are going to love this marketing channel. Kickstagram is a powerful platform, a platform where any Instagram page can become a powerful sales pages and marketing channel. Using kickstagram tools, you can sure make sales in no time.

Kicstagram is a powerful platform for High PR, Professional marketers, sales professionals, resellers and also for content developers. Key into this opportunity and make money by selling a product or establish an online profile.

Ariel Rule wrote a powerful article on how the developers of kickstagram non-technical founders built a $100k MRR software product.

According to Ariel Rule, when kickstagram started it was not for income. “But after seeing the success we had with original Grain, my business partner Ronan and I pursed offering a similar service to others like original Grain”

Ariel Rule in her article state how a non-technical individual was able to put his ideas into practices, from manual to automated, learning from experts by referrals.

Success with the development and automation of Kickstagram led to running affiliate marketing with Kickstagram program. For every sale, you get 15% of the value of any transaction you make. If you make a sell of $1K and you are rewarded with 15% of the amount is not a bad deal.

Ronan Galvin the co-Founder  @ kickstagram has recently disclosed that hitting $1million dollars in recurring revenue for Kickstagram. After all, its an idea derived from trying to make life easy for a client.

Click here to register with kickstagram


Getpoindexter is a great startup for small business and individuals in automating, forecasting and budgeting for their business. Such simple plans you can find with Getpoindexter systems can get your business into places you need it to be.

Watch this video from “youtube How to create financial projections with poindexter  to get more ideas. Remember that GetPoinDexter is a business planning software. Promote GetPoinDexter to other small business partners you know, people around you and get 20% affiliate commission on every successful sale you bring to them.

Poindexter is the only platform for small business beginners. Visit them, get your small business to grow in no time and become your own boss.


Grammarly is a writing tool for publishers and advertisers alike. Every single blogger and website owner should have this tool. The beautiful thing about Grammarly is that it ensures your articles is plagiarism and error free. Beautiful isn’t it?

Plagiarism has always been a problem with bloggers or content publishers in general. Top bloggers and newbie’s in the blogging industry are using Grammarly to write error-free contents.

Their affiliate marketing offer is amazing, where they pay every affiliate partner $0.20 per free sign up and extra $20 if the person makes a purchase.

Whether you are on a free plan or on a purchased plan you make affiliate commission whenever someone registers with your affiliate link.

Fast money with Grammarly

Get 100 people to sign up using your affiliate link and make $20 for a free plan. On a purchase plan, it gets better! Get 100 people to register using your affiliate link and make $2,000.

Grammarly is exceptional because free plan also gets paid as an affiliate. Promoting their affiliates links, get people to sign up, you make money. Paid plans on Grammarly, get you the cash better.

Viglink high paying affiliate program

Creating links for sales have never been better without Viglink. Viglink identifies and converts commercial products within your article and automatically converts them to links.high paying affiliate program

Viglink turns your blog articles into perfect income streams without you placing codes here and there. What makes Viglink better is that, its similar to inforlinks.

Unlink inforlinks, Viglink is one chunk of e-commerce affiliate program that makes sales easy. To make money with Viglink, you need tons of traffic like other online websites/blogs.

New and more innovations are coming your way when you register and start using viglink as the source of revenue to your blog or website.

Click here to sign up for viglink and make money.

Best high paying affiliate program for Nigerians

Nigerians have been left behind in so many things, but I think they are now coming up fast. There are several online marketing that are making waves in Nigeria and other African countries.

Keying into these markets and learning how to make money with affiliate marketing is definitely what Africans need right now.

Clickbank has taken over most of the Western world, it is wise that some African affiliate marketing programs take lead in the continent.


Taking Africa by surprise Jumia! It is undoubtedly the largest e-commerce business in Africa. Although their affiliate commission is not very high they still reward their affiliates with 13% for every successful sale they bring in.

Becoming their affiliate is not a big deal, this is due to their vast e-commerce business services they provide. Products in Jumia ranges from men wear, women wear, electronics, phones, and daily needs.

Thus, there are various ways in by which you can make money with Jumia because of their vast e-commerce, key into their affiliate market and start making money.

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Select a product that best represents your niche, advertises it, make a sale and get commission. Due to jumai vast e-commerce, pick a product you can actually convince your blog visitors or customers to make a purchase through your link.

Receiving your affiliate marketing income

Earning affiliate income is the first step, comes the hard part, receiving your income in your home country. Like Clickbank, many Nigerians have made money with Clickbank and are yet to cash their income.high paying affiliate program

Difficulty in receiving this income arises in some restriction placed on some countries, a country like Nigeria also falls into that category. Whenever there is a will there is a way, says the saying, this is the way.

I am here to proffer you with solution, the solution is known as Payoneer card

What you will learn

What is Payoneer?

Why people prefer Payoneer

How to add local bank account to your Payoneer

Withdrawing money from your Payoneer account to local account

We are well aware that we can only make payment with Paypal in Nigeria and cannot receive payment. Payoneer is the best alternative to payment solution in Nigeria and other countries that cannot receive such a payment.

Earning money from affiliate marketers need to be cashed and put to good use. That’s where Payoneer comes in handy. With Payoneer, money can be in your own bank account in just a few working days.


What is Payoneer 

Payoneer is a financial service that helps people to withdraw their money from their local bank account without much trouble. These financial services provider is located in New York City, a MasterCard incorporated service.

Why people prefer Payoneer services to other services

Receiving payment is a problem after work, especially to countries like Nigeria. Creating and managing a Payoneer account will make these easier for you and me.

People prefer it because it spans over most countries, it is easy to manage and also to make transaction.

After registering, it will take some time before your account is approved, don’t worry I got you covered in the registration process.

They will send you a MasterCard, which you can use to send and receive money to any part of the world that accepts Payoneer payment or receives.

How to create a Payoneer account

Follow the step-by-step ways to create a Payoneer account and in no time, you will have a Payoneer account. This is how to go about it.

Click on the link 


Fill in the appropriate details and hit the next button.high paying affiliate program


Ensure that every detail you give is correct with your local bank account. If your informations are correct, it takes about 24hrs to answer you and your account is ready.high paying affiliate program

Bank transfer with Payoneer takes only 24hours to complete.

It takes about 24hrs  for your account to be approved, so be patient and wait for your account to be approved.high paying affiliate program

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high paying affiliate program

How to make withdrawal

Making withdrawal with Payoneer is very simple and straightforward. Here’s an excellent article, it teaches you step-by-step how to make a withdrawal.

The article was writing by Dganit Rauchwerger , it is by far the best article with step-by-step withdrawal process to even a layman.

Note, it is best to get Payoneer account ready before you start any affiliate marketing. Making ready before you start making only income can be of help in the long run.

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