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Steps for increasing online Reputation for brand(s)

increasing online reputation for brand(s)

Increasing online reputation for brand(s) in a way it can last and people will trust you is tricky. Steps re best followed to achieve what is need in life, and these is increasing online reputation for brand(s).

It is important to keep increasing your online reputation for brand(s) and become good at what you do! You don’t have to be a perfectionist, planning ahead; utilizing every opportunity that comes your way can go a long way into increasing your online reputation score.

Opportunity meets preparation should be your motivating factor.

As for me, I really wouldn’t want to miss such an opportunity when one comes flying my way.

I’m writing these simple lines, to aid an individual with the mindset of winning. Though winning at all cost is never my style. Fair winning is the game I prefer.

High reputation is the focus of this article, but then what is reputation?

Reputation! Reputation!! Reputation is the key!!! increasing online reputation for brand(s)

Reputation is defined as “the estimation in which a person or thing is held, especially by the community or the public generally” .

Growing my blog reputation is my first interest for now, not money in the bank.

Blogs with high reputation such as Copyblogger and Problogger over the years have earned a high reputation as perceived by the number of quality articles they have posted.

High reputable blogs have dominated the search engines for almost every keyword you type in the search engine.

Individuals shares articles writing on these blogs on social media, some without reading the articles first.


The reasons are very simple.

These blogs have developed an online reputation, they have been there for years people have learned to trust and read their blog post.

What happens to the up-coming blogs?

Upcoming blogs are now left in the dark. A year-old blog has to work its way to the top by becoming consistent.
Writing quality articles day in day out to impress people before they can get noticed by search engine and get index.

Articles writing by a newbie blogger will not get the money into the bank.


Upcoming blogs are faced with the dilemma of increasing online Reputation for brand(s), though they have quality articles.

Getting backlinks becomes  the focus of the young blogger because the joy of quality is defeated to the dream of backlinks.

Creativity and ingenuity defeated, the young blogger is confused and becomes unstable, drifting from one niche to another.

Leading to

Steps for increasing online Reputation for brand(s)

increasing online reputation for brand(s)

Having a domain name, is having a brand.

There is no easy way of circumventing a brand; the only way is working hard to achieving a reputation for your brands.

To achieve these, you need to understand domain authority . Achieving these is not a simple task.

In order to do these, I focus on these two areas.

For a professional blogger, it may not be the perfect plan, but I think this plan works well for me and other like-minded bloggers.

I will only indulge in high-quality content.

From the definition of reputation, we could understand the underlining focus. Online reputation is the act of building trust in your readers, you don’t buy it, and it is not for free, online reputation for brand(s) are earned.

Quality articles take time to create. Such articles are time-consuming and often tiring.

But by posting only high-quality articles, you will build a trust. After all, loudtoall is all about knowing and learning.

I will aim at creating 1-4 post every month.

Domain authority grows over time, so also we at loudtoall learn from our mistakes and grow.

Learning is leading us to the understanding of quality in blog post. Quality is more important, quantity is overrated!

Thus, the steps for increasing online reputation for brands is by investing time in creating 1-4 high-quality blog post in a month.

Giving quality more precedence, than quantity in achieving and releasing we can be better writing articles for our blogs.

Commenting on other niches & replying comments

Comments are actually as important as the blog post itself.


Comment is a way of telling the article writer your perspective of his write-up.

Commenting creates a connection between the writer and the readers, opens a dialogue informing the reader, “I appreciate you reading my blog post to the end”.

Aim at commenting on related niches around your blog. Encouraging dynamism of communication and airing out ideas.

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Popular post on your blog has its ways of increasing interaction, a sense of fulfilment, a sense of accomplishment to the article writer and also the reader.

Consistency and persistence are the rules to success.

Consistency and persistence is a problem to many bloggers.

As much as I would love to confess, been consistence is hard for many bloggers with us inclusive.

Consistency has its own merits; people will look forward to your post every month, wanting to know what you have to offer.

Google and other search engines are also interested in blogs that are consistent.

Set a target for yourself in a month, strive to achieve the set target, give the people what they desire.

Take blogging to the next level, the level of, it is your business and you want to be successful.

Choosing the right title for your blog post

Click-baits titles have ruined the blogging industry.

Respect the feelings of your readers; avoid misleading blog titles because you are aiming at building trust-a trust that result into reputation.

Misleading titles and click-baits may get the blog traffic  you seek for a short time.

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Now after misleading your readers by using click-baits, your blog becomes flagged.

Flagged blogs are destroyed by both readers and search engines, and it is very hard to recover when your blog is flagged.

Choosing the right titles is also as good as timing the post.

Every quality contents developed deserves attention.

Having high-quality content without attention is work done ZERO!

Been interested in the steps for increasing online reputation for brand(s) is not just all about the quality of content, but also the right timing.

Posting your blog post at the same time when high profile blogs are posting theirs is not advisable for a small player, a newbie in blogging.

Learning patience for increasing online reputation for brand(s)

Frustration, boredom and not generating the required blog traffic for your blog raise questions.

Don’t get frustrated by quality post not receiving the attention it needs.

Starting a 6months old blog and thinking you can compete with Copyblogger is like telling a day old child to walk!

Search engine and other web crawlers don’t know who you are! Bing, Google and Yandex are yet to be investing time in you.

Becoming consistent, and persistence, these web crawlers, search engines and their bots would want to know which child is looking for attention.

1-4 post per month and becoming consistent is like telling them search engine I would love to get noticed, please notice me and rank me.

Traffic is something that grows over time.

Therefore this shouldn’t come as a shocker when you are having less than 100 per views per day.
Patience is part of blogging job description.

Careless about how much money you are making when you start blogging, care about increasing online reputation for brand(s).

Your blog name is your brand; build a trust on your brand.

Getting into the competition for increasing online reputation for brand(s)

increasing online reputation for brand(s)

After the motivation to become a blogger, we are all in a competition to win. Aim to bring something new to the game.

Competition! Competition!! Yes, we are all in a competition, so we try to explore new ideas, experiment new methods and write about them.

That’s what bloggers do. Content marketers over the years have been showing you new ways to make things right.

Practically, they are things they have studied and fee it is important to share with the rest of the world.

Determine whether in a competition you want to win or lose? My first guess of your answer is, “I love to win” then if you own a blog, a website, your mindset will be to win.

Win the competition and become the best.

Treat your followers, visitors and customers well.

Respect your followers, your blog visitors and customers as well.

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Respect is reciprocal, give search engine and people a taste of what they need.

Spare them the click-baits article titles, misleading title and write innovative attention bringer headlines in your blog post.

Intelligent followers, as well as visitors, will key into what you are offering and become subscribers to your blog.

Without respecting them, how do you intend increasing online reputation for brand(s) that you have?

Tricky the idea of respecting your followers isn’t it? Consciously or unconsciously, we deserve to be treated with respect.

Just by treating them with the respect they needed, with simple gestures as thank you, you are welcome, nice comment……

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Such gestures form the bases rock to respecting your customers and followers because you are establishing a trust.

Learning from successful bloggers

Copyblogger has always been a place for reference for me.

Strictly speaking, there are thousands of blog relating to my niche.

Frankly, I come across hundreds a day when doing keyword research or just surfing the net for information.

Kissmetrics, Problogger and other related blogs have earned my respect.

Standard’s, quality in content and years of experience with what works, what does not have been what I respect about the above-mentioned blogs.

Success stories are writing in so many ways, there is no single road to success.

Documenting these stories forms the bedrock for learning how a successful blogger becomes successful.

No blogger is an island, learn from successful people, grow and increase online reputation for your brand(s).

You have increased your online reputation for brand(s), now what?

Achieving a trust, a reputation with your followers and customers is done and traffic is smiling down your blog.

Now what? The fun stuff begins right now. While still an underdog, you are in the competition.

You are shoulder to shoulder with the big boys in the blogging industry; you now have a reputation to keep.

How do you keep your reputation in this world of growing new experienced?

Doing this is not easy, but you have to do it. Keeping the reputation is basic so you can be in league with the big boys.

Go back to the drawing board and look back at things you have done that made you successful and do them and more again!

Hard work is now paying off, good reputation, a good investment of time, investment of time in creating high-quality content.

SEO now becomes part of your day in day out mindset. Failure will no longer be an option for you, that’s the now!

Updating article for increasing online reputation for brand(s)

Article becomes outdated, not absolute. Information needed to be updated because SEO in the early 2000’s is not same in 2017.

An innovative way of doing things are popping up every now and then, but updating your blog post, you keep up with trends.

Newbie’s in blogging is not always aware of the constants update of new information done by old blogs.

Most of these blogs are not only using backlinks and domain authority  to rank, but a regular update is also used for ranking.

To rule out updating your blog post for increasing reputation for brand(s) is like denying the growth of domain authority.

Live within the realm of possibilities and have fun.

Possibilities, hope, dreams and opportunity keep men alive. Sometimes we cross the line, between living and actually living.

Our dream becomes our centrepiece and we are not actually living because we have lived.

Enjoy life, will you are still living, have fun.

Fun and work may not go hand-in-hand, but taking breaks and have fun can help you get better ideas for your next blog post.

Fun helps you last longer in the blogging industry, helps create new ideas, above all try living.

So you have earned the money in blogging, what then?

A lot of individuals think money is the pinnacle of blogging.

Well, money may have been the motivating factor to blogging, but can you do something other than getting paid for a change?

Consider your blog, no matter the niche, a place where people can find solutions to their problems.

Add values to people lives, and the money will start flowing in naturally without invitation.

Reinvest your time, energy and passion to become better at adding value to people and increasing your online reputation for brand(s) will come swiftly.


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