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different ways to earn through writing blogs

different ways to earn through writing blogs

Different ways to earn through writing blogs

There are different ways to earn through writing blogs. Writing is a skill that can be harnessed.  Writing is a skill that can be developed through constant learning from different resources and practising writing itself.

thus writing is a skill which we use to express our thoughts, ideas, beliefs and becoming good at writing can translate into a good source of income. How to make money online from anywhere in the world 

For a good writer, he/she can complement the shortage of income in their business or job by writing articles. Therefore, a good writer can seldom start making money in his day to day activities.

Communication comes in different forms, writing is a form of communication that can be used to impart knowledge. Sharing your ideas, conveying information to the general public is beneficial to the world at large.

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With the skills of writing, there are different ways to earn through writing blogs.

Writing for a living and making it big

Earning by writing can be very tedious, different ways to earn through writing blogs can be offline or online. No matter which you choose, it is a rewarding activity!

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As individuals differ, so also writing differs. An individual can prefer to write for a single company, while others choose to work as freelancers.
When we say Freelancer, it means that we work for a certain task without being employed by a company on full-time bases. This is what it means to be a freelancer.
Earning through writing offline is as rewarding as an online career, thus a freelancer. For this post, we shall be focusing on online possibility for individuals to make money online.

Offline writing and making money

Offline activities can help us make a decent living, it is the best way so far to write and make it.

Book writing/publishing online

Book writing and publishing is every blog owner dreams. Most writers want to publish books, thus this has led to the invention of online books called eBook.
Blogs are now Niche related, finding a niche is now simple. Find a Niche and focus on writing better articles and make money from them.

Printed media: Newspaper

Every single day in our environment, there are happenings; we can convert these happenings into a habit of writing and write for a Newspaper or magazines.

Television scripts and radio programs

Radio stations are looking for individuals with the skills to convey information within a short period of time. Television station runs adverts for less than 30 seconds. Having the skills to meet this demand can go a long way in earning money online.

Project, thesis for, and PhD students

Students are always busy with their daily schedule, some ma their projects, thesis and PhD research to be conducted. We all know that project, thesis, and research work for PhD are the requirement to be awarded a degree, masters or philosophy.
Assist the students and get paid, thus simply as working to any company.

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Writing document for individual companies

Companies all over the place are looking for people who can write a document for their company. Be reliable and good at what you do, the money will find you.

Online Writing

We have established that there are different ways to earn through writing blogs, this is thanks to technology. Online writing has now become the story of the day, a major source of income for people like us.

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Online writing is all about the skills and hard work with a little extra smart work. Putting them together can go a long way in combining different was to earn through writing blog and articles.
In online writing, focus on….

Article Writing

Blogs are now springing all over the internet, they are all niche related. A wide knowledge of different niches will go a long way if you are planning on making money from writing articles.

Different sites have different rules, guidelines governing articles writing and submission. Most importantly, the articles should be original and should not have been submitted anywhere online.

Originality is the key to making it online. Though, different way to earn through writing blogs may have been in existing before now.

Some sites may be accepting your articles for free, thus you write and don’t get paid. Payments for articles varies, this is due to the topic, the niche, your expertise and the site itself.

Some sites require that your article must be at least 1000 words, others at least 2000 words. Your earnings will definitely depend on the quality of your articles, number of words, number of shares and likes you get from your post.


BlogSpot, WordPress are the two best blogging platforms today. Blogging is a form of writing that the owner of the blog keeps updating the content on his/her site continually. Google adsense is the best advertiser program for your blog 
On blogging platforms, you make making by placing ads, and when people put ads also on your site.
Incorporating Adsense on your site is the best way to make money.

Guest blogging

Guest blogging is very similar to blogging, but it is slightly different in some ways. Guest blogging is the act of writing a blog post for another blog for several reasons. These reasons are because of backlinks, financial reasons or because you can offer better services.
People can also pay you to guest post on your blog depending on your traffic. General Guest blogging is beneficial to both parties involved.

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Publishing eBook

ebook is very similar to book publishing with a slight difference. ebook is electronic, while a book is a hard copy. An ebook has become a game changer for individuals with blogs, novel writers and also books publishers.

Places such as Amazon, payload free-eBook ) are place you can download eBooks, though some come with a price tag.

A Final Thought 

A final thought on different ways to earn through writing blogs, writing is a good skill to explore. Should you write for free, yes you can, but write and get paid is the best. Engaging in blogging, guest blogging, article writing and eBook publishing is very good. Aside from the fact that you have your 9 – 6 jobs you do. Gaining additional ideas, facts and becoming expert in something other than what you have learnt in school is awesome.

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