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5 Most important skills every blogger needs

5 most important skills every blogger needs

5 Most important skills every blogger needs to become successful in the blogging sphere. There are important skills every blogger needs in order for them to be effective, creative and relevant. I am sure quite a number bloggers would agree with me that having a blog is fun.

But blogging itself is not easy.  Becoming a blogger, one must be precise, anticipate a readers question, be grounded on quality data and does not get hung up on what has been said before. But most importantly the greatest skill of a blogger is to have a good editor. These will go a long way in making such individuals always on-top of their game.

Blogging itself does not start and end with the aforementioned skills. There is more blogging than meets the eye.
Having my own blog loudtoall helped me gained some basic knowledge, about having a blog and maintaining a blog. Starting a blog on BlogSpot is way easy, somewhat straightforward, but if you really want to make it blogging, move your blog to domains like WordPress, Blogspot and so on….

Becoming restless

There is more to blogging, for example purchasing a domain name, hosting a domain, adding Yoast SEO, to mention a few. Which apparently, are stuff one have to find out for oneself.

Learning how to blog and making money from blogging are two sides of a coin, the earlier one understands that the better! Especially when one is learning by oneself. This brings us, to the reason of writing this post. No one thought me but now you have the opportunity to learn from a self-thought and successful blogger.

First and foremost, I encountered the problem of finding a niche and sticking with it. It is also not advisable to just pick a name for your blog or website, but the perfect name that best suit your purpose, passion and remain focus.

Moving my blog from BlogSpot to WordPress was a real pain since I was at the time a novice. The first thing I did was to get help which of course, came at a cost of some few dollars.
As the days go by, I became restless when I realized still I knew nothing about blogging despite my prior convictions. So, I went back to the drawing board.

That was when I found out; I was lacking the 5 most important skills every blogger needs

5 most important skills every blogger needs

Skills are abilities one harnesses over time, become good at, and pass down to people who are interested in learning. Though I’m still a novice. I can proudly say I’ve moved way past the level I was when I first started. The good thing about blogging is that there is always room for improvement.

Writing skill, the first and most important skill every blogger needs.

Since there are people who believe they can write and those who think they can’t. You have to know which category you belong before ever venturing into blogging. Also, it is in order to be able to harness the full potentials of quality content. Professionalism is characterized by quality, quantity and consistency, to become successful, one must realize his/her potential in writing.

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Before one can write, he/she must conceive the idea or thought, before finding the means to communicate the idea (in this case writing). The ability for your idea to draw and retain the right audience.  And to make the information interesting for the audience consumption.

Bloggers are meant to add value to readers by

Providing solution

Regardless of the problem, a blogger’s first priority is to provide solution to a problem. In order to do this, figure out the problem and solve it. Such problems may include steps how to open Paypal account in Nigeria . How to withdraw your hard earned cash to your local bank account using Payza. Complete guide to earning money without ads on your site  these are the kind of everyday problems facing most internet users.

Figure the problem:

You figured out that Nigerians are having problem creating a Paypal account in Nigeria and linking it to their local bank account.

Solve the problem:

Solving the problem entails that as a blogger, you make the necessary researches, collate the right data and get to the root of the problem, documenting the process step by step all the way.
Sharing the process with the people in need, you have figured a problem and created a solution. This no doubt will bring traffic to your site that you didn’t bargain for I can assure you.

Bringing innovative ways to do old things 

Gone were the days, you can’t open a Paypal account here in Nigeria, without changing your IP address. Now, it is possible to make payment with your linked Paypal account in Nigeria from the comfort of your phone or PC.
Innovation is transforming or remodelling the way a thing is done, perceived, or even bringing about other ways of achieving it. Thus, you can come up with variety of ways to solving a single problem. Innovation is what led to moving from 5bytes to 5Gigabytes of data, and now Petabyte!

People are always looking for solutions to their pressing needs. Everyone’s concern is how to resolve their recent need or challenges. They can only stop to listen to you if you have solutions to their problems at the moment or in the near future. Then, and only then, do you have their undivided attention.

With countless tools online today, anybody can write blog contents.  This boils down to quality, style, and presentation in becoming profitable in blogging.

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Networking as a most important skills every blogger needs

Networking is the art of building and maintaining contacts and relationships with people you do business with or, with potential clients. The difference between marketing and advertising will further enlighten you on what marketing is all about. Why you need it.

Think back to the term “Networking” there is something you shouldn’t miss, the term “working” which is the ability “to function or operate accordingly to certain plan or design.” Understanding networking is to operate accordingly to plan, to enlighten, convince, innovate and to get people you are in good relation with to take decisions based on the available information concerning the product or services you offer.

In the blogging industry, you will encounter people of different ideology, background and religious beliefs, integrating with these people is difficult. Thus, this constitutes the 5 most important skills every blogger needs.
Your goal still remains enlightenment, convincing and motivating people to purchase your products or service.  Because you have something to offer that your competitor lacks.

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Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, exposes you to people with different ideologies, to learn strategies and disseminate information to these people is next to impossible.

Where to start networking from?

Imbibing the habit of networking is like getting to know the people you are interacting with, and delivering products or services according to needs.
To start networking, interacting with the people comes first, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are avenues to interact with people. Befriend them, get to know them and offer services to them. How can you become successful in blogging when you know nothing about the 5 most important skills every blogger needs?

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Communicate the services to people as a most important skills every blogger needs

Social media is designed to make the world a global village, where you can communicate and deliver service to people. Choose a group on any of the social media, where you can make contribution, relate to the group and the people, and then offer your services to them.

Listen to the people in your social group, ask questions and proffer a better, more reliable service than what is in existence.

Reach out and be patient

Connecting with people is not just a days’ job, sincerely at times, it takes years to actually connect. Trust is a commodity you hardly come across especially online.
With patience as your motivating factor, you can reach out to people and render service to them. An applauded service directly or indirectly brings customers to your business.

The Goal of networking

Commodities such as networking are things you build with time. They are not achieved in a day, or two, they grow like backlinks  over time. Connecting with people, establishing trust and service delivery are the goals of a networker. Professional bloggers over the years know that networking is a must-have skill for a blogger.

The skill of photography as a most important skills every blogger needs

Images are the best ways to convey information, especially on social media; images are prone to go viral. Using the right image for the right purposes on your Blog will cause your article to go viral.
Viral images are a sure way to get better search engine rankings. Attaching the relevant image, video or presentation on a canvas to our articles will make our articles alive and visually dynamic to our readers. Hence, the readers’ attention focused on the article.

Basic photography should be learned. So,  that the images posted on the blog posts will mostly be your original pictures. As important as images are to blog posts, if they are not yours, you lose your edge at having strictly original contents.

However, for bloggers yet to learn photography, we use other people’s images and have to give them the credit. Give credit for incorporated pictures or phrases should not be taken lightly. This is because  of copyrights and plagiarism. While most blog are heavily plated with text, images should also be used to simplify the abundant text on the blog post.

Photography is a skill that can be learned, editing pictures by cropping, resizing, reformatting are simple skills a basic photographer should know as well as a blogger.

Social media awareness

These past years, web applications have sprung up like wildfire, these applications are designed to allow people share content in real time. These lead to the development of one of the most influential social media of our time Facebook.
How the President of American is using social media to fight dishonest and unfair press  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram Snapchat, to mention a few, are now applications on our Mobile Phones, Tablet, PC and our Desktop Systems.

A blogger should know how to use if not all most of these social media app in order to reach a good number of audiences. Connecting with people on social media entails finding them on their place of comfort and reaching them.

Another important skill all bloggers should have is the management skill

Management is a skill that is acquired for some by learning and for others, it’s just part of their everyday life and a must for a blogger. This skill should not only be restricted in resources or time.  It should include people, as it can work for our benefits in the long-run.

credited to Employer BluePrint via youtube

To manage is to adopt the system that works for us, a system that allows our work, resources, and the people in our lives in harmony with how we go about doing things, is critical to 5 most important skills every blogger needs.
Harmonizing the resources, the people and our time can go a long way in making our blogging life easy and stress-free. Dealing with our partners in business can have an overall effect on the outcome of our goal. Delegation of duties you cannot be the writer at the same time the editor. You need to delegate to make things easier. Learn to use people as your cat paws.

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These are the 5 most important skills every blogger needs from my perspective.  Though it doesn’t end here. There are a lot to be learnt gradually as you embark on this journey. Your eyes will open to new ways and ideas of doing things. Ways to earning money through your skill as a blogger. But without consistency and sacrifice, all these will come to naught. Like the old saying goes no pain no gain, no risk no reward. You will need long hours of research. Time to ascertain some facts and how to properly interpret what you’ve learnt to a world that is simply designed to question and criticize.

So, my friends, it’s time to get serious, get down to business and see what your sacrifice will give birth to.
Thank you for your time. You can also read………

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